Arnside Past

From Kendal Archive Office file WPR/43: "Population of the Township of Beetham and Farleton taken in March 1801 by John Hodgson, William Strickland and George Thaxton, Overseers" (i.e. the locally-created master document from which the 1801 census statistics for the Beetham area were compiled and sent to the Government; here I have only transcribed the Arnside portion)

ArnsideQuestion 1st: HousesQuestion 2nd: persons including Children of whatsoever agesTotal of Persons in Answer to Question secondQuestion 3d: Occupations
[Householders]InhabitedBy how many Families OccupiedUninhabitedMalesFemalesPersons Chiefly Employed in AgriculturePersons in Trade, manufacture or handicraftAll other persons not in the two preceding Classes
Joshua Burrow1132523
John Hays11325122
Law'ce Whinerah1134725
Willm. Burrow1122422
Edw'd Whittel1152716
Rich'd Cooper1112312
Step'n Simpson1111211
Jane Saul11222
Elinor Bouskill11222
Ralph Bouskill11314211
Peter Rigby1132523
Rich'd Cornthwaite1122422
Rob't Saul1112312
John Saul11426114
Edw'd Williams1142633
Rob't Jackson1111211
John Pearson11371019
Rich'd Dickenson11213111
John Burrow1123514
John Burrow11371019
John Rawlinson1121312
Tho's Rawlinson1142633
Rich'd Burrow1136918
Machel Cowherd118715519