Arnside Past
ARNSIDE EASTER BOOK (1845 entries)

From Kendal Archive Office file WPR/43: Arnside Easter Book, 1835-70.
Earlier Easter Dues records for Arnside are available at Kendal, but I have begun with 1845 because I hope to link the Easter Dues with the Tithe Award of that year. It can be seen that the system as practised in Arnside was quite sophisticated, with payments due to the church (at Beetham) on numerous categories of produce and other dues. I should emphasise, however, that the record-keeping was not by any means neat, with hastily-written fractions and interlinear notes; I can not, therefore, guarantee the accuracy of this abstract.

Amounts were given in shillings and pence, which I have converted to pence.

NameHouseOblationMilkCalvesOrchardBeesPloughPigsFoalsCroftGeeseHensModusNew GrainMortuary
Barker, Robert3.53301149710
Barker, Roger3.57.5403316041212080
Dickson, James3.757.2516
Greenwood, Robert3.510.51
Rodrick, Mr.3.51.52130
Denison, William3.5316
Nicholson, William3.532112
Rodrick, Mr. (for Dixon, A)20y
Crossfield, Thomas3.53
Crossfield, Francis3.531
Marshall, Robert3.531
Saul, William3.534212
+ Ivy Cottage1220
Gibson, Robert108
Fowles, J3.5321110
Fowles, Mr.- Hollins172
+ Park Nook20
Pearson, George3.53115
Dickinson, John5
Whineray, A.3.54.5211128
Hays, Robert16
+ another property3.54.5211
Saul, Thomas3.57.541211810.5
+ another property7.5
Brewer, Thomas
Swindley, William (left)3.5341
-try Laycock, Mathew3.53
Titerinton, Jonathan3.531