Arnside Past

Welcome to Arnside Past, a website based on the research of the late Dennis Bradbury into the history of the Cumbrian seaside village of Arnside.

We hope, if problems with our email can be resolved, that later today (23 April 2014), we will be launching the ebook editions (for Kindle and for other portable readers) of Dennis's 2012 revision of his book "Arnside, a Guide and History", which will be available for sale exclusively through this website.

This revision will not be made available in printed format. It includes, as an appendix, the 2012 revision of Dennis's biography of William Berry, for whom Ashmeadow House was built in the early 19th century.

Profits from sales will be given to the Arnside First Responders.

This site now includes the first of a planned series of picture galleries- see the button at right.
Gallery 1: Ashmeadow