University Radio Bailrigg, Lancaster, 1975-7(ish)

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Welcome to the mid-1970s, and to what was then called University Radio Bailrigg, the campus radio station of Lancaster University.

(May as well get the Brexit jab in straight away)
Here's how the station was presented in the 1976 official handbook of student radio.

And here's the 1978 version, when the job of editing the handbook fell to Lancaster.

The transmitter (lower shelf)The record collection
The old mixer, slightly past its prime by 1975
The new mixer, in what nearly became its permanent home, stuck in a corner, owing to the minor problem of signals going in at one end but not coming out of the other.
The office, featuring some officials, and the oscilloscope thingy that eventually helped to wake up the New Mixer.
The main broadcast studio in 1976, with the New Mixer in pride of place.
Another view of the studio with the old mixer in use.
The sophistication of the second studio, 1975.
I think this was an attempt to record an interview for Student Community Action Week 1975. I don't think it was going well.
A slightly more successful-looking scene at the Freshers' Week activities fair (though appearances can be deceptive).
The posters were quite colourful in real life.
Here's the 1976 leaflet explaining URB to Freshers.
The station's weekly programme schedule leaflets evolved quite a bit over the years. Here are a few samples, starting with October 1974.
February 1975. Oops. A bit of drama. More this way.
Another year begins ...
February 1976. Probably. Perhaps.
May 1976. New rule: there are no rules.

February 1977

April 1977
May 1977 Nov 1977 (verso)
January 1978 Personnel, May 1975
Also May 1975