Lancaster University, Bailrigg, 1975-7(ish)

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As a bonus for viewers of my gallery on University Radio Bailrigg in the mid-1970s, here are a few glimpses of the campus itself, and of '70s life in Lancaster University.

First, the campus from the south-west, looking over the railway:
Bailrigg House, after which the campus was named (from the west): in the 1970s as in 2017, it was the University's medical centre.
Alexandra Square, the pulsating heart of the campus.
The multi-faith Chaplaincy Centre.
Bailrigg Barn and the duck pond
That is not a computer. It's not even a terminal. Welcome to the nightmare of 1970s data processing.

The University as it was around 1976
Plans of Lancaster University tended to go out-of-date quite quickly.
Even the plan of the Library looks ludicrous now.
So, for that matter, do the opening hours.
On the other hand, Freshers still turn up every autumn ...
Though I suppose in the 21st century they rarely drink alcohol or smoke tobacco
- or forget to clean the cooker.
Ummmm ... what?
Ah, right, that would explain it.
The Great Hall put on some good shows in the 1970s. I was occasionally deputed to take photos of them.
In my parents' day, universities had "Rag Week" but in socially just 1970s Lancaster, that had metamorphosed into Student Community Action Week.

The campus newspaper

- and the student newspaper.
PS: The real Lonsdale College is north of Bowland College, and it looks like this.

PPS: The campus from Glasson Dock- but take a closer look at mid-right of the picture