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Ursula Banister was one of the first people to contact me about the beach bungalows, after I wrote an introductory article for a local history magazine, way back in the autumn of 2004. With memories of childhood holidays on the beach before the Second World War, she has supplied me with much valuable background information, all of which will appear in the final library version of this project. For the web-site, however, here are some pictures from her family album which show the far north end of the Braystones row of bungalows in the late 1920s and 1930s. These images are taken from photocopies, not scans of the original photos, but I believe their historical interest outweighs quality considerations.

Here is 'Raltini'- now 'Saltaire', the northernmost surviving bungalow before the big gap towards Nethertown (number 59 in my modern photos). Ursula believes it was first known as 'Ocean View'.

Raltini beach bungalow, Nethertown, c1930

'Raltini' (and a hint of now-lost 'Tresco') can be seen in the background at left of this view showing the next in line, 'Urmani', now 'Urmanion', which Ursula's parents had bought in 1924/5.
Urmani beach bungalow, Nethertown, c1930

Here's 'Urmani' again, showing the frontage more clearly- with what appear to be different windows, perhaps a few years earlier.
Urmani beach bungalow, Nethertown, c1930

So far, nearly all the photos I have seen of the beach bungalows have been taken in reasonably good weather; here's a refreshing exception, looking down over 'Urmani'.
Storm over Urmani beach bungalow, Nethertown, c1930

Immediately south of 'Urmani' was 'The Shanty' (now 'Seacroft'), seen here in the background as the plot wall of 'Urmani' is repaired at Easter 1936 (at this time of year, the family traditionally came to the beach for a working holiday, repairing and repainting).
The Shanty beach bungalow, Nethertown, 1936

Finally, this is 'Heaton', the next bungalow south from 'The Shanty'.
Heaton beach bungalow, Braystones, c1930