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Bennie first got in touch with me to offer the very early picture of Braystones Station which appears on the Miscellany page. Subsequently, he found the following interesting selection of photos more closely related to his own family's experiences on the beach.

The Bennett family bungalow is Sunnymede, one of the southernmost- here they are in 1970.
The Bennett family at Sunnymede, 1970

And here they are out on the beach, with The Cabin in the background, a few years before its dramatic demise.
The Bennetts on the beach near The Cabin, c1970
That was before; here's after- the aftermath of the 1977 rail crash. This is actually two photos (by Bennie's aunt, who was staying in Sunnymede at the time) joined together, in the vicinity of the yellow-trousered fireman's right leg.
Chemical waggon on ruins of bungalow after the 1977 rail crash

Here are two more photos joined together, taken a day after the accident; the little girls are both the same person, Bennie's young cousin.
Chemical waggon on ruins of bungalow after the 1977 rail crash

And somewhat later still, here's work in progress on the new stronger bridge through to the Lantern Moss caravan site.
Making the railway bridge for Lantern Moss caravan site. c1978?