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This list of items found in Ennerdale Rural District Council minutes (available at Whitehaven Record Office and Local Studies Library: mostly in bound volumes on the library shelves, except where SRDE ref. numbers are given) does not confine itself strictly to the beach bungalows, but strays to include topics such as the military camp at Nethertown, which had a drastic effect on the nearby shore and Green (on which subject I have also included some material from County Council correspondence files).
To save time, I have abbreviated "Works and General Purposes Committee" to WGPC; "Health and Housing Committee" to HHC.

1937-45: No relevant references indexed.

ERDC Minutes 1946-7:

ERDC Minutes 1947-8
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Cumbria Record Office, Carlisle (outstore) CC3/1/Box 28/GP420:
Cumberland County Council Clerk's Dept. file on Nethertown Camp.

11 Jan 1950: G. Lockwood, County Planning Officer, to CCC Clerk:
"The Nethertown Camp will shortly be de-requisitioned, and I discussed its future use with Mr Ogden yesterday. Various possibilities were suggested, such as a Holiday Camp under the Education Department, or a Police Training Centre, and I have written to the Director of Education and the Chief Constable to have their views thereon.
A further point which strikes me, whereby the Camp may be used, is as a Remand Home, or for similar purposes." ...

13 Jan 1950, CCC Clerk to Lockwood: "We do not want another Remand Home. Mr Bessey seems the only applicant, possibly for a school for backward girls, if it should be suitable. I have made arrangements for holiday camp facilities at Silecroft Y.M.C.A. Camp so we should not be in the market for that purpose."

13 Jan 1950, CCC Clerk to CCC Director of Education, re above: "I do not know whether this camp would be of any interest to you as a centre for backward girls but I suppose it is worth looking at in this respect."

16 Jan 1950, Gordon S. Bessey, CCC Director of Education, to G.N.C. Swift Esq., CCC Clerk: "I have requested the County Architect and the Area Officer to examine the place and report on its possible use for school and youth centre purposes."

31 Mar 1950: Bessey to Swift (copy to Lockwood): "Examination of the Camp reveals that the premises are structurally in good condition. The place is, however, of such giact proportions (e.g. the dining room seats 1,850), that any conceivable educational need would only occupy a small fraction of the camp. We could perhaps take a corner for use as a secondary modern school, or a school for delicate children or, possibly, a central kitchen." ...

5 Apr 1950: Lockwood to Swift- proposes inspection of site in May, with Bessey & Chief Regional Officers of the Ministry of Town & Country Planning.

6 Apr 1950: Swift to Lockwood- if Bessey is involved, Swift should not need to join the inspection.

Gap in sequence here

23 Dec 1954, CCC Planning Officer to - Wilkins Esq., Ministry of Works:
"I refer to your recent telephone conversation with me on the subject of the proposed de-requisitioning of Nethertown Camp.
I am afraid I have not been able to contact Mr. Lockwood as you suggested, but I am sure that whatever scheme Mr. Lockwood may have had to use Nethertown Camp upon its being de-requisitioned, would be within the orbit of the functions of the County Council.
I suggest, therefore, that you write to the Clerk of the County Council, Mr. Swift, informing him of the proposal to de-requisition Nethertown Camp, upon receipt of which letter Mr. Swift would, as he normally does on such occasions, get into touch with the Heads of the various Departments of the County Council informing them of this proposal to de-requisition Nethertown Camp and asking whether they have any use to which this camp might be put. Mr. Swift would then very soon write and inform you of the results of his enquiry."

30 Dec 1954: Swift sends copy of above to Bessey.

30 Dec 1954: Frank Anderson MP to Swift: "I have been advised by the Minister of Works that it is intended to dismantle the buildings and de-requisition the site.
As you will be aware, the Camp buildings are of single story brick construction and I am informed that only recently the buildings were renovated as it was thought the Camp would be required to accommodate workpeople engaged on the construction of the Nuclear Power Station at Calder Hall. However, the buildings have been found to be redundant, and hence the proposition to de-requisition.
I have written to the Secretary of the West Cumberland Hospital Committee, enclosing a copy of my letter on this matter to the Minister of Health, in which I have suggested that the buildings should be examined to see if they can be used reasonably efficiently for bringing back the evacuated patients from Meadow View Hospital at Whitehaven.
My purpose in writing to youi is to see if you are in need of buildings for any of the projects covered by the various Departments of your Authority. I wonder if your Authority would be kind enough to look at this proposition. I understand that 800 men could be accommodated on the hostel principle at Nethertown Camp. It appears to me a sad waste of public money if these buildings have to be demolished when only recently many thousands of pounds have been spent on decorations, etc. This is apart from the fact that at one time the Camp buildings were only of wooden construction and now they are of brick." ...

3 Jan 1955: CCC Clerk copies above to relevant CCC departments (Education, Welfare, Land Agent, Architect, Chilrden's Officer etc.)

3 Jan 1955: CCC Clerk to Anderson: "I shall be getting in touch with our various Departments, but at the moment I cannot think of any substantial use to which we could put a place of this size in its situation at Nethertown. I had as a matter of fact mentioned the camp to the Director of Education a day or two ago.
I note that you have already communicated with the West Cumberland Hospital Committee, who might well be able to make some temporary use of part of Nethertown, if they could get the necessary nursing staff. As a matter of fact we are hoping to offer the Regional Hospital Board some extra accommodation in another part of Meadow View which may alleviate their particular problem, and we have had a Conference with them and discussions are proceeding about this with a view to something being done without delay."

4 Jan 1955: County Welfare Officer to Clerk: No use to us.

5 Jan 1955: Miss M. Silva-Jones, Children's Officer to Clerk: No use to us, but "in view of the urgent need for more accommodation for mental defectives would the accommodation be of any interest to the Regional Hospital Board, via Dr. Ferguson."

18 Jan 1955: CCC Clerk? to W.J. Ball Esq., Clerk to the Special Area Committee: passes on Silva-Jones suggestion, "so that you may look into it."

19 Jan 1955: CCC Clerk? to Bessey- Please reply to my earlier letters so I can reply to Frank Anderson...

19 Jan 1955: J.M. Ball to Swift: S.A.C. to consider suggestion this Thursday. "I have seen this Camp and will be reporting my impressions to the Committee. My personal feelig is that this is not a suitable property for our purposes, but I will let you know what the Committee decide. They will have letters put before them on the subject from the Ministry of Health, the West Cumberland Hospital Management Committee, and Mr. Frank Anderson, M.P."

19 Jan 1955: Bessey to Swift (folowing discussions with Education Committee chairman): No use to us

25 Jan 1955: Swift to Anderson- nobody in CCC wants it, S.A.C. will presumably let you know their decision in due course.

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