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Nicely complementing the page of photographs from the collection of Muriel and John Henson, here are some details from photos collected by their friend Malcolm Irving, owner of a pair of beach bungalows (and grandson of Connie Irving). I have marked them where appropriate with what I hope are contemporary names for the individual bungalows:

Malcolm's family has many connections with the beach, going back at least two generations. The Crest (number 33 in my modern pictures), now owned by his cousin, formerly belonged to his grandfather, and these first two pictures are taken from some old (probably 1950s) snapshots:
The Crest beach bungalow, Braystones, 1950sThe Crest beach bungalow, Braystones, 1950s

We'll return to 'The Crest' later, as part of a journey from north to south, beginning at the north end of Braystones with a photo by Sankey's of Barrow in Furness probably taken around 1936. The site of 'Isle View' is number 54 on my modern photographs, and over the past few years this area has been the scene of much building activity. Between 'Isle View' and 'Belle Mer' is now a new bungalow called 'Seagulls Lodge' and others are on the way. [This caption and the photo labels were amended in April 2012].

Isle View beach bungalow etc., Braystones, c1950

A bit further south, possibly photographed in the 1930s, here are numbers 43-41 in my modern pictures.
Click here for a detail of 'Westcliffe' and 'Copeland' at far left.
Beach bungalows between Braystones and Nethertown, 1930s

Now we're right back at the Hensons' home- but this shot from the 1950s is most interesting for its depiction of the wind-turbine generator and battery shack which once supplied 'Latona' with power.
Latona and other beach bungalows, Braystones, 1950s

Here's a slightly later view, showing Latona's relocated wind-turbine, and, carrying bags in the foreground, Eckford Davidson- the owner of the luggage was Mrs Hawkes, who would often stay in a room at 'Plas Isa'. At right is 'Fairfield'.
Latona and other beach bungalows, Braystones, c1960

I told you we'd return to 'The Crest'. This picture was probably also taken in the 1950s.
The Crest and other beach bungalows, Braystones, 1950s

Here's 'The Crest' again- but this photo is probably about 20 years earlier, dating from the late 1930s.
The Crest and other beach bungalows, Braystones, c1938

We now move very rapidly further south, some distance beyond the station. These are numbers 17-15 in my modern pictures.
Beach bungalows south of Braystones station, c1920

Finally, a look at another area with which the Irving family was closely associated. The block of three bungalows now standing below the bluff at Nethertown (numbers 76-74 in my modern pictures) was created in the mid-1950s by Malcolm's grandfather, Fred Irving of Frizington in collaboration with two other joiners (see Connie Irving's page for more details).
Beach bungalows below Nethertown Green, c1956