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I had to set limits for the scope of this project, and, with some reluctance, I decided to exclude the beach bungalows at the resort of St. Bees, because there is already quite a lot of historical research being done there by others. Although the northernmost few bungalows in the long row at Coulderton are technically in St. Bees, rather than the historic township of Lowside Quarter which I have made my subject, access is from the Coulderton end, and there is a long stretch of empty shore before the bungalows at the south end of St. Bees.

Beach hut at Sea Mill, St. Bees, 1936I include here a picture taken in 1936 at Sea Mill, where the St. Bees bungalows begin, supplied by Tom Dalzell (one of his many contributions, including the 'Latona' page- he also reminds researchers not to forget the isolated beach bungalow north of St.Bees, near the foot of Rottington Beck). Consider this a small compensation- and an excuse to ask if anybody has any pictures of one-room beach huts, as opposed to bungalows, in Braystones, Nethertown or Coulderton. I understand that there used to be some, particularly at Coulderton, but I have yet to find any good pictures.