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Newspaper items about Cumbria from the Newcastle Courant.

17 Oct 1711:
[Whitehaven, 6 Oct:] On Thursday the Friendship, Captain Langton Commander, and the William and Mary, Captain Lawrence Commander, arrived here from Virginia: They sailed from thence on the 18th of August, and came out with two Men of War, one of which was to join our Fleet at Canada, being laden with Provisions, the other was bound to New-York with some Stores.

22 Oct 1711:
A Young Man, run from Whitehaven, Shoe-maker by Trade, from his Master Nicolas Jackson, with a Sum of Money, and a little white Mare: Whoso can inform of him, or secure, shall be honestly Rewarded by his said Master of Whitehaven. He has brown Cloaths of the Country making, a Swarthy Complection, his hair of a black Brown and a little Curl'd, a rough strong Voice, of a dull Countenance, a clownish churlish Behaviour, a middle Stature, a little high Nos'd, and wide Nostrils, his name is J O S E P H   D O N N E L L.

12 Nov 1711:
London, Novem. 6.
The following List was, on Saturday last, agreed on by the Judges, assisted by several Lords of the most honourable Privy Council, in order to be presented to her Majesty, to choose Sheriffs for the several Counties of England, for the Year ensuing. [includes:]
Cumberland, Charles Dalston, John Fisher Esqrs. Sir Richard Musgrave, Bart.

19 Dec 1711:
London, Dec. 15.
On Tursday Night last, a general Council was held at St. James's. Her Majesty was then pleased to appoint the following Gentlemen Sheriffs for the several Counties of England ... [list includes:] Cumberland, John Fisher, Esq.

7 Jul 1712:
[Assize schedule:] Northern Circuit. Mr. Justice Powys. Mr Baron Bury. [dates include:] Cumberland, Tuesday August 26 at the City of Carlisle. Westmoreland, Saturday August 30. at Appleby. Lancaster, Wednesday September 3. at the Castle of Lancaster.

15 Sep 1712:
They write from Carlisle, That the Grand-Jury there have given Thanks to the Reverend Dr. Allison for his most excellent loyal Sermon preach'd before the Judges at the Assizes.The same Grand-Jury have found a Bill of Indictment for Barretry against one William Rook, an Attorney at Law, and Town-Clerk for the City. This Attorney was the principal Witness against the Petitioner, in the contested Election for that City.

6 Oct 1712:
These are to give Notice to all Persons, who have a mind to venture in Lead Mines, that a fourth part of a Flourish Grove in Aldstonmoor; is to be sold by Mr. Thomas Heron, the Elder, of Dorbridge: Enquire of Mr. William Heron in the Close, in Newcastle upon Tine, who will appoint the Time and Place to Treat about the same.
[also in subsequent issues to 1 Nov, with "Dorbridge" corrected to Corbridge, and the site as "a Flourish Grove, called Hillclose-Grove" ]

20 Dec 1712:
LONDON, Dec. 16.
SHERIFFS appointed by Her Majesty for the Year ensuing. [includes:] Cumberland, Charles Dalston, Esq;

5 Sep 1713:
Members chosen for the Ensuing Parliament. [list includes:] Appleby, Sir Rich. Sandford, Bar. Tho. Lutwyche, Esq.

7 Sep 1713:
At the Election for Appleby, which came on the 27th past, Thomas Lutwych, Esq; one of the Queen's Council, was unanimously chosen; the other Candidates were Sir Richard Sandford, and William Harvey Jun. Esq; the latter, as the Poll stood, lost it by one Vote, but 'tis said will petition Sir R. complaining of Br____y, &c.

14 Sep 1713:
The Poll for Apulby stood thus: Thomas Lutwyche, Esq; -- 96; Sir Richard Sandford, Bart. -- 40; William Harvey, jun, Esq; -- 39

16 Sep 1713:
London, Sept. 12
Members chosen for the ensuing Parliament. Those with this * before them, were not Members in the last Parliament. [list includes:] Carlisle, *Sir Christopher Musgrave, Bart.* Brigadier Stanwyx.

19 Sep 1713:
London, Sept. 15:
Members chosen for the ensuing Parliament. Those with this * before them, were not Members in the last Parliament. [list includes:] Cockermouth, *Joseph Musgrave, Esq;* Nicholas Lechmere, Esq;

The Poll for Cockermouth in Cumberland. Nicholas Lechmere esq; -- 156; Joseph Musgrave Esq; -- 141; General Stanhope -- 96

The Rev. Mr. Tho. Gibbon, M.A. is made Dean of Carlisle.

21 Sep 1713:
London, Sept. 17:
Members chosen for the ensuing Parliament. [list includes:] Westmorland, James Graham, esq; Daniel Wilson, Esq;

26 Sep 1713:
Members chosen for the ensuing Parliament. [list includes:] County of Cumberland, James Lowther, Esq; Gilfrid Lawson, Esq;

9 Nov 1713:
On Tuesday last, at the Court of Exchequer, Westminster, the Lords of the Privy Council, and the Judges, sat, and appointed 3 gentlemen in each County, for Her Majesty to nominate one for Sheriff for the Year ensuing; ...[list includes:] For Cumberland, John Langton of Cokermouth, Esq; Thomas Pattinson, Esq; Thomas Lutwych, Esq;

7 Dec 1713:
SHERIFFS appointed by her Majesty for the Year ensuing. [list includes:] Cumberland, Thomas Pattinson, Esq;

23 Jan 1715/6:
[London, 19 Jan:] This Day the Earl of Derwentwater, Lord Widdrington, the Earl of Nithsdale, the Earl of Carnwath, the Earl of Winton, Lord Nairn, Lord Kenmure, were carried in three Coaches under a Guard of a File of Musqueteers, and the Wardens attending them, from the Tower to the Bar of the House of Lords, and delivered their Answer to the Articles of High Treason exhibited by the House of Commons against them, and all of them in their Answer pleaded Guilty, except the Earl of Winton, who desired Time till Monday next ...

25 Jan 1715/6:
London, Jan. 21.
The Countess of Derwentwater petition'd the House of Lords last Thursday for Leave to remove out of the Tower, from my Lord her Husband, being in fear of the Small Pox, upon the Lady Catherine Wyndham's lying indispos'd of them in the next Apartment; and the Lords granted her Request.

28 Jul 1716:
An exact LIST of the Members of the Honourable House of Commons who voted for and against the Bill for Repealing the Triennial-Act, 24, April 1716.
Those Members for the BILL have no Mark before them, against the Bill are mark'd with a *, and those that were Absent with a +.
[list includes:] Cumberland, *James Lowther, *Gilfrid Lawson, Esquires.
Carlisle, Tho. Stanwix, Esq; Colonel of Dragoons and Governor of Chelsea Hospital. William Strickland, Esq; Commissioner of the Revenue in Ireland.
Cockermouth, Gen. Stanhope, Secretary of State. * Nicholas Lechmere, Esq;

1 Aug 1716:
The remainder of the List ...
Westmoreland, Col. James Graham. Daniel Wilson, Esq;
Apulby, Sir Rich. Sandford, Bar. Warden of the Mint. *Thomas Lutwyche, Esq;