An abstract by David J.Bradbury

This web page is an abstract from document PR 15041, in Nottinghamshire Archives. That document is itself not the original survey, but a compilation from various documents formerly held in the parish chest. It is therefore likely to contain a number of mistakes, not least of which may be the alleged date of the original. Although this date is given in PR 15041 as 1732, internal evidence (such as the absence of some people who should have been owning property in 1732) suggests that the true date may be 1737 instead.

Entries have been numbered for indexing purposes (see below)

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99* = Occupant. *99 = Owner-occupier. (99*) = Added entry for pub name etc.

Alvey, Henry147*
Alvey, James*66
Alvey, John150*
Alvey, Thomas41*
Alvey, William58*
Andrews John78*
Aram, William*64
Ashcroft, Mr*94
Ashly, Willm.168*
Baggshaw, Thomas*194
Barrat, Truelove*123
Bartram, Willm.*15
Bawer, Mr (of Kirton)2
Bell, Mr131*
Bilby, Mr*99
Binch, Tho.(*)81*
Binch, Thomas137*
Birch, Mr145*
Birch, Robert*31
Bird, Mr*161
Birkby, John151
Black Horse(84*)
Blackmoors Head, see Brackm...
Blew Bell(136*)
Boot, Isaac121*
Booth, Mr*45
Bould, Mr7,8,12,*13,14
Bower, Widow*88
Bowler, Frans.35*
Bowling Green(110*)
Brackmoors Head(169*)
Brocksopp, John17*
Brodhurst, Francis*93
Brunts Trustees100,101,119,152,153,186
Bull Inn4*
Burbidge, Mr156
Burden, Mr*112
Calay, James92*
Camm?, Thos.104*
Chatwin, John12*
Cherry, Mr144*
Clayton, Hump. heirs138
Coats, Samuel185
Cock, Mr (now left)148*
Collinson, Rev. Mr147
Cook, --- (of Berkwood)122
Cotton, Mr2*
Cowly, Mr (of Sheffield)62
Cox, Saml.34*
Cremeidgesee Gemeidge
Cromwell, Mr125
Cromwell, Mrs23,24,25,*26
Crown Inn(168*)
Crowshaw, Mr180
Crowshaw, Richd.37*
Dawson, Mr162*
Denton, Saml.8*
Denton, Widow71,*72
Dakeyne, Mr14*
Dickons, Mr159*
Dodsley, Mr*53
Dudson, Mr46*
Dyal Hill (on)(33*)
Eagle & Child(119*)
Ellis, George*155
Ellis, James*195
Ellis, John (heirs of)67
Ellis, Mr Philip177,*178
Elm Tree(174*)
Eyre, Robert (heirs of)34
Farnsworth, John138*
Farnworth, Richard (of Kirkby)102
Farrer, Mrs1*
Firth, Mr107,108,*109,118,129,131
Foster, John107*
Fowe, Mrs118*
Fowler, William87*
Gebson, Mr129*
Gemeidge?, William157*
Girdler, Mr Wm.*6
Golden Lyon50*
Goodall, Jervs.86*
Goodman, Mrs146,168
Gosling, Mrs*130
Green, Mr16,17,*33
Green, Mr58,*61
Green, Richard119*
Green Dragon(100*)
Gunthorp, John*120
Hague, Mr86
Halifax, Mr*43
Hall, John170*
Hall, Tho.44*
Hardwick, James*192
Harris, John156*
Harvy, Willm.77*
Heron, Mr132*
Hook, Daniel177*
Hooton, John*32
Hopewell, Daniel*95,96
Hopewell, John116*
Hopewell, Robert85*
Hubbert, John*29
Hucknal, Widow30*
Hull, Anthony75*
Hurst, John154*
Hurst, Widow*52,85,87
Inman, Wid.*179
Innocent, Mr John*18,19
Innocent, Joseph174*
Innocent, Thomas*184
Jackson, Joshua140*
James, John101*,188
James, Thomas*59
Jebb, Mr*39
Jellott, Richard51*
Jepson, Roger83*
Kelsal, Mr92
Kersseboom, John40*
Kitchin, Mr (heirs of)46
Kite, Willm.169*
Langford, Joseph*27
Langford, Mr.169
Leak, John125*
Lee, John134*
Lee, Robert(*)60*
Lee, Robert79*
Levers, Saml.163*
Leverton, Henry165*
Lincoln, Dean of115,116
Litchfield, Mrs*173,176
Lockwood, John*63
Lunn, John149*
Mann, Mrs*191
Marriot, Widow133*
Marriott, Richd.10,*11,133
Marshal, Mrs (of Derby)56
Mathew, Mrs*135
May Pole Inn16*
Mellars, Mr5,40,41,*42,110
Mew, Syl.91*
Meymott, Mr47*
Meymott, Mr*124
Moak, Mrs113*
Molyneux, Mrs*175
Monk, Mr*126,128
Morris, Edward*28
Morris, John (Gardiner)139*
Mycroft, Richard96*
Mycroft, Richard186*
Mycroft, Thomas23*
Naggs Head (Cock Pit)(91*)
Naggs Head Inn (Westgate)19*
Naylor, John71*
Newton, Mr1
Oldham, Mr7*
Outram, Widow49*
Oxford, Lord47,65
Pawson, William (of Teversal)83
Poe, Thomas141*
Preston, Christopher115*
Preston, Matthew188*
Queen's Head(86*)
Rawsith, Mrs143*
Reckless, Joshua10*
Red Lion(125*)
Revel, John22
Revel, John (of Stony Houghton)117
Reynolds, Chris. (heirs of)79
Reynolds, Christopher*57
Rimmington, Thos.102*
Roberts, Francis25*
Roebuck, John*90,91
Roebuck, John (formerly)171*
Roebuck, Joseph190*
Rolleston, Lancelot Esq.162,166
Rose & Crown(118*)
Royal Oak(76*)
Rycroft, John122*
Ryly, Mr193
Sailes, Thomas*70
Sansome, Abraham163,*164
Sansome, Mrs165
Savage, Mrs74,75,139,*181
Senior, Joseph (Dyer)*68
Senior, Joseph (Maltster)*54,55
Shann, Mr151*
Shipman, Willm. Esq*114
Simes, Wid.*182
Smith, Dr.24*
Smith, Simon48,49
Sneathe, John113
Sneathe, Willm.*111
Spencer, John*105
Spittlehousegate, new house166
Spread Eagle(101*)
Squire, Mr L.193*
Stanhope, Dr.170,171,*172
Stanley, Thomas*50
Steen, Widow136*
Stenton, Widow*76,77
Stevenson, George (Sadler)128*
Stevenson, Willm.142*
Stordevant, Tho.82*
Sylvester, John*103,104
Talbot Inn5*
Taylor, John84*
Taylor, Jnth.176*
Thompson, Widow*73
Thorp, Joseph108*
Three Crowns(142*)
Toadhill Lane (on)(144*)
Topham, Robert67*
Trentham, John110*
Truswell, John117*
Turner, Samuel158*
Vicar and Churchwardens78,132,136,137,140,141,142,143,144,145,148,157,158,159,174
Waddal, Mr*20,35
Walker, Mr*89
Walker, Mrs121
Walker, Nicholas*106
Waller, Mr180*
Warner, Mrs189,190
Warsop, Samuel Snr.65*
Warsop, Widow*36
Watkinson, Mr100*
Watson, John56*,187
Watson, Thomas*183
Wharton, Mr*97
Wheat, Francis74*
Wheat, Mr (of Retford)4,82,84
Wheat Sheaf(182*)
White, John189*
White, Mrs149,150,*167
White, Thomas187*
White Hart(159*)
White Lion(138*)
Whitehead, Mr*98
Wightman, Thomas62*
Wightman, William22*
Wildbore, Hezekial30
Wildbore, Thomas134
Wilkinson, Mrs*160
Williamson, John (of Blyth)154
Wilson, Mr*3
Wilson, Mr (Maltster)37,*38
Wilson, Mr (Pewterer)51
Wingfield, Anthony152*
Woodhouse, Joseph153*
Wright, Mr48*
Wright, Mr146*
Wright, Mr (heirs of)44
Wright, Mr Charles80
Wright, Mr Willm.*69
Wright, Robert80*
Wright, Thomas*21
Wright, William*127

Abstract & indexes (c) 1989 David J. Bradbury
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