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In another universe, the experts who studied the Vinland Map after its initial discovery chose to be completely open-minded about its authenticity until they had found likely answers to every question they asked. "Lost sources" and "figments of the imagination" were only accepted as explanations when alternatives had been eliminated. Ultimately, the alternatives could not be eliminated, because they all pointed in the same direction- forgery.
Happily for us, all the studies conducted in that universe have also been conducted in ours, so the source references in this book can all be followed here. As the cover artwork here suggests, it's not a pretty book; but then it doesn't tell a pretty story. This is probably the book the Vinland Map deserves.
This way if you're interested in the book, published here the day before 1 April 2004, or click NEXT for some thoughts from our universe.
The Vinland Map: A Short Summary [cover artwork]
Many thanks to Mrs Inger E. Johansson