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Keith Perriman and his family are providing numerous images and stories elsewhere on this website, illustrating the happy times they have spent on Braystones and Nethertown beach. All Keith's scans are of exceptional resolution, getting the maximum detail out of the original images, so on this page you'll find some additional splendid images provided by Keith and his family from old postcards they have acquired over the years.

As with my other pages of picture miscellanies, the images are in rough geographical order- north to south, starting with a couple of Nethertown. On this page, identifications and comments are my own, but I have included information and text from the original postcards where possible- if you recognise your own family among the senders or recipients, please get in touch!

Photo by Sankey's of Barrow in Furness: "H855 NETHERTOWN VILLAGE" c1965 (sent from K & B to Mr & Mrs J. ?Oldham, Pleckgate Road, Blackburn, Lancs., postmarked 25 Jul 1969)

View south from Nethertown Green by Sankey's of Barrow in Furness: "H706 Nethertown" c1962 (sent from Dorothy to W.E. [Bill] Casson, Stoneleigh, Ewell, Surrey, postmarked 15 Aug 1967). Text includes: "It's much too wet and windy to get out to the phone. The boys have managed to get outside for an hour. Wish I had brought them another pullover each."
[Slightly enlarged detail also available of the bungalows]

View north towards Nethertown Green, from left half of Sankeys of Barrow in Furness: "E914/B2 BRAYSTONES BEACH" c1936 (unposted)

North end of the main Braystones row of bungalows, from right half of Sankeys of Barrow in Furness: "E914/B2 BRAYSTONES BEACH" c1936

Isle View, detail from left half of Sankey's of Barrow in Furness: "E916/B2 BRAYSTONES BEACH" c1936 (sent from Connie to Mrs ?Nixon [Grandma] of How Mill, near Carlisle, postmarked 4 Aug 1939). Although the next image below shows several more bungalows from this postcard, Isle View is presumably the subject of Connie's message: "This is the bungalow we are staying in. We're having a lovely time, even though the weather hasn't been too good. We've been to St. Bees and to Seascale twice."
[To illustrate the quality of Keith Perriman's scans, here's an extreme close-up]

Another detail from Sankey's of Barrow in Furness: "E916/B2 BRAYSTONES BEACH" c1936 (right half of same card as Isle View above, ).

Here is a detail from another copy of an image which appears, somewhat crisper, in the Irving collection, probably dating from the 1930s. The reason for the lower quality here is that this is from one quarter of a Braystones multi-view postard (by G.P Abraham Ltd., Keswick; more details below). However, quality isn't the only difference- this card has used a slightly different portion of the original negative, revealing more at the left side.

For comparison, here is a labelled detail from Lilywhite card BMT. 5, probably photographed around 1927, but used by the company for some years afterwards.

Continuing across Lilywhite card BMT. 5, right and southward, we encounter The Mount and Seacote.

Next on Lilywhite card BMT. 5 are Plas Isa (the very low one) and Summerville.

At far right on Lilywhite card BMT. 5 (circa 1927) is Latona, with its odd adjoining structures (close-up here).

Moving rapidly southward, here is Braystones Station, with the beach shop visible at left. This is from another quarter of the multi-view postcard by G.P Abraham Ltd., Keswick: "Braystones" (compilation date unknown, but as noted above it includes at least one 1930s image; sent from Coral to Mrs E.E. Smith, Burnley, postmark illegible, but stamp is 3d, in use from 1965 to 1967). Text includes: "The cottage is very nice, large and roomy and very comfortable. The beach is very nice, pebbles but with good sandy stretches. The children like it and that is what matters."

And here is another view of the station, from the left half of Sankeys of Barrow in Furness: "E912/B2 BRAYSTONES BEACH" c1936.

South of the station, here is a detail from the right half of Sankeys of Barrow in Furness: "E912/B2 BRAYSTONES BEACH" c1936.

There is a Lilywhite postcard from a similar viewpoint, BMT. 1, taken around 1927 but reissued for some time afterwards. At left on the card is Pebble Cove (mega-detail here).

To the right (south) of Pebble Cove on Lilywhite card BMT. 1, we find The Kabin, which may in the 1920s have been known as Beach Holme (detail here).

In the right-hand half of Lilywhite card BMT. 1 are Vandura (detail here), the elegant twins Polhawn + Seabank, and more, receding into the haze.

Finally, here is a view of Braystones village, from another quarter from the above-mentioned multi-view by G.P Abraham Ltd., Keswick, posted in the mid-1960s but possibly photographed decades earlier.