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These documents come from a bundle of deeds at Whitehaven Record Office (YDX 241).

YDX 241/1:
3 Oct 1653:
"We the jury of ye forest of Eskdale and Wasdale head being Chosen & sworne at ye Court houlden at Low-place in Mitterdale in the yeare aboue sayd, we doe find that John Tyson shall marke ye wale from ye ortchard-end to ye intake-head as it hath been by ye dwellars at Paddock-wray, as hath beene proved for three score yeare by John Nicholson of Paddock-wray, and by Thomas Nicholson for six and fortye yeares that he had helped to mend it for the house of Paddock-wray. Only the yeat & Cheekes [gate and gateposts] is expected to be made by Thomas Tyson of Christleft.
William Vicars foreman marke [all signed with marks]
John Vicars
William Jackson
Thomas Pearson
John Dickinson
Nicholas Stephenson
Thomas Wilson
Robert ffletcher
Robert Vicars
Robert Hunter
Nicholas Hartlay
William More [?]
Nicholas Nicholson
William Tysonne
John Wilkinsonne "

YDX 241/2:
12 March, 8 William III (1695/6):
Indenture: John Tyson, yeoman of Wosdalhead, to John Tyson of How Nooke in Neither Wosdale, glover, for "four score and fifteene poundes five shillinges": messuage and tenement with appurtenances known as Christlift, in Eskdale (yearly rent 2/6) "now in the tenure and occupation of the said John Tyson and now in the possession of Robert Tyson his Brother". Landlord: the Duke of Somerset and his wife Elizabeth. Witnesses: Thomas Sherwen, John Hartley, Thomas Tyson, Robert Stephenson, John Nicholson. John Tyson signs with mark

YDX 241/3:
27 Apr 1716:
Court of dimissions of the Duke of Somerset, Cockermouth Castle: Edward Hartley admitted to tenement formerly held by Susanna Hartley, who has now died, for rent of 3/8. Fine [=fee] £6

YDX 241/4:
24 April 1749:
Court of dimissions of the Duke of Somerset, Cockermouth Castle: John Tyson of Christ Cliff admitted to tenement he held, following the death of Charles, late Duke of Somerset, for rent of 2/6. Fine £4/15/6

YDX 241/5:
28 May 1750:
Court of dimissions of the Earl of Egremont, Cockermouth Castle: Edward Hartley of Paddock wray admitted to tenement he held, following death of Algernon, late Duke of Somerset, for rent of 3/8. Fine £6/2/6

YDX 241/6:
28 May 1750:
Court of dimissions of the Earl of Egremont, Cockermouth Castle:John Tyson of Christ Clift admitted to tenement he held, following death of Algernon, late Duke of Somerset, for rent of 2/6. Fine £4/16/8

YDX 241/7:
29 Apr 1752:
Court of dimissions of the Earl of Egremont, Cockermouth Castle: John Tyson of Christ Cliff admitted to tenement formerly held by John Vicars of Christ Cliff, following surrender by the said John Vicars, for rent of 2/6. Fine £5

Also on reverse is "A rental for Eskdall and Wasdelhead"
Vickers Shays - £1/1/3
Berdhow - 7/7.5
Whose - 5/4
Dausonplace - 1/10
same - 1/11.5
Peelplace - 5/1.5
Armonthous - 6/11
Chriscliff - 5/0
Padackwray - 3/8
House - 6/0
Gilbank - 5/5
Holings - 4/6
Churchhous - 7/4.5
Thorns - 4/8
Bridgend - 4/6.5
Mill - 8/0
Bordelplace - 3/6
Yeathous [?] - 0/4 [?]
Beckfoot - 1/2

YDX 241/8:
1 May 25 George II (1752):
Indenture: John Viccars, yeoman, now of Hollinghow in Eskdale, to John Tyson, "Batchlar", of Christlift in Eskdale, for £125: messuage & tenemnt with appurtenances known as Christlift, in Eskdale; yearly customary rent 2/6. Witnesses: Nicholas Dickinson, Stephen Nicholson, John Nicholson. Signed "John Vickers"

YDX 241/9:
18 Apr 1754:
Indenture: John Tyson, husbandman of Christcliff in Eskdale, to Aaron Hunter, husbandman of Rowend in Wasdalehead, for £100: messuage & tenement with appurtenances in Eskdale, known as Christcliff (yearly customary rent 2/6). Witnesses William Dickinson, William Borrowdale, Thos. Poole.

YDX 241/10:
21 Nov 1760:
Indenture: Charles, Earl of Egremont, Lord of the Manor of Eskdale, to John Tyson, skinner of Christ Clift in Eskdale, for £75: "Enfranchisement of the Customary Tenements herein after mentioned, and for releasing the same for ever hereafter from all Fines and Heriots"; also for £22/14/3, "the absolute Purchase of the Timber Trees and other wood and underwood now Growing or which shall hereafter grow upon the said Customary Tenements or any part thereof and of the soil of the wood grounds belonging thereto". Namely "All those two customary tenements called Christ Clift within the manor aforesaid"... "one of which tenements was late Vicars's Consisting of two messuages with the appurtenances thereunto belonging and Several Closes or parcels of Land containing in the whole Twenty Six acres more or less".

YDX 241/11:
26 Feb 1789:
Mortgage indenture (release): John Tyson, skinner of Christ Clift in Eskdale, to John Dixon, gentleman of Snellings in Cumberland, for £300: his two freehold tenements called Christ Clift in Eskdale (2 messuages + 26 acres of land in several closes). Yearly interest £12/15/0 (i.e. 4.5%). Witnesses: John Benson, R. Lawson
[Also lease for 1 year, dated 25 Feb 1789, for 5/0]

YDX 241/12:
2 Feb 1797:
Indenture (release): John Tyson, yeoman of Christlift in Eskdale, and John Dixon, yeoman of Snellings in Egremont (mortgagee) to Jonathan Jackson, husbandman of Borrowdale place in Eskdale, for £200 payable to Dixon by Jackson, "which together with the sum of one hundred pounds paid by John Hartley of Bridge End in Eskdale aforesaid to the said John Dixon (for a lot of the mortgaed premises sold to him) is in full payment of the money secured on mortgage", plus £310 paid to Tyson by Jackson: freehold estate consisting of two messuages and several closes in Eskdale, known as Christlift- part now occupied by the said John Tyson, the remainder by his undertenant Nicholas Tyson- excepting the close called Lowfield, sold to the said John Hartley, but with the addition of a stock of 200 sheep (see below). Notes that purchaser is liable for "the apportioned yearly free rent of three shillings and seven pence to the Earl of Egremont and two pence farthing to the Purvey, four pence prescription, the Poor, Toll and Greehue". Subject to an indenture of 3 Mar 1795 between the said John Tyson and Nicholas Tyson, husbandman of Yethouse in Eskdale, and John Brown, yeoman of Hollowstones in Muncaster, and Henry Tyson, weaver of Egremont, under which John Tyson granted the premises to Nicholas Tyson, with 153 old sheep and 47 hog sheep, for 7 years from 25 Mar 1795, at £21 yearly rent- henceforth to be paid to Jackson and Hartley. Witnesses: John Dixon, William Tyson.
[Also lease for 1 year, dated 1 Feb 1797, for 5/0]

YDX 241/13:
4 Feb 1797:
Mortgage indenture: Jonathan Jackson, yeoman of Borrowdale Place, Eskdale, to Jonathan Dickinson, yeoman of Armond Hows, Eskdale, for £150: Christlift estate as conveyed from John Tyson. Interest 4% yearly. Witnesses: John Dixon, William Tyson.

YDX 241/14:
25 Jul 1799:
Certificate of redemption of land-tax, for a property in St. Bees parish; proprietor Jonathan Jackson, land-tax trustee Richard Sherwen, amount 6/9.5, registry number 57316.

YDX 241/15:
23 Dec 1802:
Will of Jonathan Jackson, yeoman of Criscliff in Eskdale. Freehold property at Criscliff, plus residue, to his mother Mary Jackson, widow of Criscliff, who is also to be his sole executrix. Witnesses John Vicars, John Sharp, Aaron Marshal. Proved 2 Jul 1803.

YDX 241/16:
4 Feb 1820:
Indenture (release): Mary Jackson of Christcliff in Eskdale, widow of the late John Jackson of the same, & Jonathan Dickinson of Armond Hows in Eskdale, mortgagee, to Francis James, miller of Eskdale, and George Tyson, gentleman of Paddock Wreay in Eskdale, for £544 to Mary + £156 (mortgage principal + £6 interest outstanding) to Jonathan: Christcliff property (30 acres approx., now in occupation of John Jackson "as ffarmer"). To be held in trust by George. Also in sale is flock of 180 sheep. Mary & Jonathan sign with mark, Francis & George write names. Witness: Peter Wilkinson (signs).
[Also lease for 1 year, dated 3 Feb 1820, for 5/0]

YDX 241/17:
17 Apr 1828:
Mortgage indenture (release): Francis James, miller of Aikbank, Irton (formerly of Christcliff), to Jonathan Benson, yeoman of Laverick How in Ponsonby, for £200: Christcliff property as 1820, currently occupied by John Tyson, with stock of 200 sheep. Annual interest £4/4/0 per £100. Witnesses: Henry Atkinson, William Braithwaite (both sign).
[Lease was for 1 year, dated 16 Apr 1828, for 5/0]

YDX 241/18:
17 Apr 1834:
Mortgage indenture (release): Francis James, miller of Aikbank, Irton, and Jonathan Benson, yeoman (for9merly of Laverick Hall) of Kemple Rigg, Gosforth, to James Frearson, yeoman of Ellermire, Kirkby Ireleth, for £200 to Benson and £1000 to James: Christcliff (inc. 30 acres of land). Annual interest 4%. Witnesses: Michael Walker & Barwise Harrison for James; MW and Robinson Welford for Benson. All sign (inc. James & Benson)
[Also lease for 1 year, dated 16 Apr 1834]

YDX 241/19:
25 Mar 1841:
Bond for redelivery of sheep: Thomas Milligan, farmer of Dawson Ground, and John Milligan, farmer of Langdale Head, and Joseph Milligan, farmer of Hawkshead, are bound to James Frearson of Ellermire for £200. Frearson has this day let Christ Cliff farm ("with the Dwellinghouse Cottage Maltkiln Outhouses Orchards Gardens and the several Closes"...) to Thomas Milligan "Together with the Stock or Flock of Heavebred and Heathgoing sheep" (61 hog sheep and 139 aged sheep) which were delivered to TM this day in the presence of John Gunson, yeoman of Ulpha Church House, and John Sharp of Fisherground in Eskdale, and John & Joseph M., who were mutually chosen by TM and JF "to be viewers of the said sheep at the times of the delivery and redelivery thereof". To hold from year to year until one party gives 6 months' notice in writing- annual rent for farm & sheep, £30. At time of redelivery, TM should sell any surplus sheep to JF at a valuation to be made by the viewers. Bond is for redelivery of "the aforesaid number and sorts of Heavebred and Heathgoing sheep". Witness, Roger Ray. TM and Joseph M sign, John M makes mark.

YDX 241/20:
14 Feb 1845:
Indenture for release of dower: Matthew Tyson, master of Millom Workhouse, and wife Sarah to James Frearson of Ellermire. Jonathan Jackson, formerly of Borrowdale Place, afterwards of Christcliff, in Eskdale, in his lifetime owned Christcliff; on his death, about Dec 1802, his widow, the above Sarah, became entitled to her dower out of the said property. Matthew & Sarah now contract to sell her share to James, current owner of Christcliff, for £80. Matthew signs, Sarah makes mark.
18 Nov 1845: Sarah, without the presence of her husband, confirms the sale. (All transactions witnessed by John Postlethwaite Myers and William Blendall, commissioners for taking the acknowledgments of Deeds by Married Women).

[YDX 241/21 is certificate of the above transaction]

YDX 241/22:
14 Feb 1856:
Indenture (conveyance): James Frearson, yeoman of Ellermire, Kirkby Ireleth, to Jonathan Benson, yeoman of Paddockwray, Eskdale, and his trustee Daniel Benson, also of Paddockwray: Christcliffe, with 39 acres 3 roods of land (statute measure). Mortgage amount of £1200 remains outstanding, but interest paments are up-to-date. Frearson offered the property for sale by auction on 10 Feb 1855 at the house of John Wilson, innkeeper of Boot, but it was not sold, so JB afterwards came and offered £810, for the property free of mortgage. JF accepted, and also sells the flock of 200 sheep to JB for 10/0. Also contains clause barring claims for dower from JB's wife. Witnesses: J.P. Myers (solicitor of Broughton in Furness) & John Milligan (his clerk).

YDX 241/23:
21 Feb 1856:
Mortgage indenture: Jonathan Benson, yeoman of Paddockwray, to William Brockbank, yeoman of Beckside, Whicham for £400: Christcliff (occupied by JB) and (for 5/0) the stock of 200 sheep. Interest rate 4.25%. Witness: John Smith Nicholson (clerk to Brockbank & Helder, solicitors of Whitehaven).

YDX 421/24:
28 Mar 1867:
Mortgage indenture: (1) Agnes Brockbank, widow of Beckside, Whicham; James Brockbank, farmer of Beckside; James Brockbank, solicitor of Whitehaven: (2) Hannah Walker, spinster of Whitehaven: (3) Jonathan Benson, yeoman (formerly of Paddockwray) of Christcliff, Eskdale: (4) Augustus Helder, solicitor of Whitehaven: (5) the Brockbanks again.
William Brockbank (as in YDX 421/23) made his will on 22 Jan 1858, and left estates he held as mortgagee or trustee to his wife Agnes, son James (of Beckside) and nephew James (of Whitehaven) as trustees. He died 16 Jan 1859, and his will was proved on 13 Apr 1859.
Jonathan Benson (father of the present Jonathan Benson), late yeoman of Beckcoats in St. Bridget's parish, owned, among other properties, Paddockwray in Eskdale. He made his will 1 March 1851, bequeathing it to his son Jonathan (who was then occupying it as tenant); he also appointed his son Jacob and daughter Margaret as executors. He died on 4 July 1851 and his will was proved "shortly afterwards".
On 30 Jan 1862, young Jonathan, mortgaged Paddockwray to Hannah Walker for £200.
Young Jonathan now wishes to pay off the Paddockwray mortgage, and borrow a further £400 for other purposes, so he has asked the Brockbanks to loan him £600 on security of Christcliff and Paddockwray (with their stocks of sheep)- in addition to the £400 already secured on Christcliff by the mortgage of 21 Feb 1856.
Both the Brockbanks and Hannah Walker have agreed to this, so they become mortgagees for:
Freehold estate of Christcliffe, in Eskdale, consisting of two dwellinghouses, with outbuildings and "several closes... of arable meadow pasture and wood land", total 39 acres 3 roods 8 perches statute measure, plus common pasture rights etc.; now occupied by Isaac Jackson as tenant.
Freehold estate of Paddockwray, in Eskdale, consisting of a messuage or tenement with land, woods etc., total 40 acres 1 rood 18 perches, occupied by the said Isaac Jackson as tenant.
Plus the joint stocks of sheep for the two farms, totalling 400. Annual interest 4.5%.
All parties sign (Hannah & Jonathan rather wobbly). Witness: Henry Oppenheim, clerk with Brockbank and Helder, solicitors of Whitehaven.

YDX 241/25:
25 Mar 1875:
Conveyance: Jonathan Benson, yeoman, now of Ravenglass and mortgagees (Brockbanks as in YDX 241/24) to Joseph Porter Tyson, yeoman of Eskdale, and Henry Myers Meakin, gentleman of Broughton in Furness, for £1000 paid to the Brockbanks and £1150 paid to Benson. Christcliffe and Paddockwray, described as in YDX 241/24, "now or late" occupied by Isaac Jackson as tenant, with stocks of sheep. All sign. Witness: J. Charles Brockbank, clerk to Brockbank & Helder, solicitors of Whitehaven.

YDX 241/26:
25 Mar 1875:
Covenant for production of deeds of Paddockwray and Christcliffe: Miss Margaret Benson, spinster of Gosforth (formerly of Beckcoat, St. Bridget's parish), surviving trustee of the late Jonathan Benson (snr) to Joseph Porter Tyson.

YDX 241/27:
4 Apr 1876:
Deed of gift: Joseph Porter Tyson, yeoman of Wha House, Eskdale, to his son Towers Tyson, also of Wha House, for 5/0: Paddock Wray and Christcliffe, with c99 acres of land (formerly occupied by Isaac Jackson as tenant) and common rights, with 439 "heathbred and heathgoing sheep". JPT signs. Witness: H. Myers Meakin, solicitor, Broughton in Furness.