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This document comes from a bundle of National Trust deeds at Carlisle Record Office (D/NT/9)

Conveyance, 9 Sep 1662: William Jackson, yeoman of Feildhead, Easthwatfeild in Millom parish, to William Thompson, waller of ?Armeatadge, in Kirkbie parish, Lancs., who is to be married to William's daughter Mary Jackson, for £25, with the consent of the worshipful Edward Stanley Esq., of Dalegarth, Lord thereof:
the said messuage/tenement of Feildhead (yearly rent 5s, plus 19d "forestmeill")- now in occupation of W.J. or his assigns, with all its houses, edifices, buildings, tofts, crofts, orchards, gardens, lands arable and meadows, pastures, feedings, sheepheavs, sheepgate commons & common of pasture, turbary, moors, mosses, woods, waters, watercourses, walls, hedges, fences, ditches, ways and waste; plus all profits, easements, emoluments etc.