Hall & Homberston's survey, 1570

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From Christopher Saxton's map of Cumberland and Westmorland, c1574In 1570, during another of the periods when the estates and privileges of the Earls of Northumberland had been confiscated by the Crown, in this case from Earl Thomas, following an unsuccessful "insurrection ageynst our sovreign lady the Quenes Ma'tie", Edmond Hall and William Homberston, gent., made a detailed survey for the Crown of the confiscated property in and around Cumberland, which, of course, included the manorial and other holdings in Eskdale, and around Ravenglass and Drigg.(it's now in the National Archives at Kew, ref. E164/37; see here for more about Eskdale). Here is an abstract of the key local information from the survey- which can be compared with an earlier Crown document, and with the Percy Survey, made eight years later when the family managed to get most of the confiscated property back- in which much of the information is slightly different.
I have tried to identify later names of all properties (in green) by reference to later sources- but I need to do a lot more work on the Ravenglass / Drigg area.

Dregge, Carleton and Ravenglas, surveyed 22 May 1570.

Total: £4/19/5

Asshedale, surveyed 24 May 1570.
Total: £7/9/3

Myterdale, probably surveyed 24 May 1570. Total: 55/4