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These documents come from a bundle of National Trust deeds at Carlisle Record Office (D/NT/9)

Conveyance, 17 Feb 1778: George Edward Stanley Esq., of Ponsonby, Cumberland, to Henry Bateman, yeoman of Penny Hill, for £404/4/4: messuage / tenement called Spothow, in Birker, with closes, lands & grounds (now or late in the customary tenure of Hannah, wife of H.B., by payment of yearly customary rent of 18s), plus messuage / tenement called Pennyhill in the same manor, with closes, lands & grounds (also now or late in customary tenure of Hannah B., yearly customary rent 4s 11d + "Town Term Rent" 3s 4d) plus messuage/tenement called Piet Nest in the same manor, with closes, lands & grounds (now or late in the customary tenure of Elizabeth Nicholson, widow, yearly customary rent 4s 11d, "Town Term Rent" 3s 4d): all subject to payment of 20 times the said yearly customary rents as a fine on the death of the Lord or death or alienation of the tenant, and to the performance of certain yearly "boon services", "and to one Herriot being the best Good upon the Death of every Tenant of each end every Tenement or Parcel leaving a Widow" and to other dues etc.- all now in possession of Henry Bateman by virtue of a bargain and sale to him for one year from G.E.S. dated the day before this indenture. Mineral rights and other manorial entitlements reserved to G.E.S. and his heirs or assigns. Following this enfranchisement, only administration fees to be paid to manor officials (4d - 6d on death of tenant or transfer of ownership).

Bond for payment, 8 Feb 1779: by Henry Bateman & wife Hannah, with Elizabeth Nicholson, widow, of Penny Hill in Birker, and John Bateman, yeooman of Colloth in Grasmere, in £400, to pay Stephen Nicholson of Randlehow in Eskdale (St Bees parish) £200 with 4% interest by 2 Feb next.

Land Tax redemption, 13 Dec 1798:Henry Bateman of Pennyhill (in Millom parish) contracted with commissioners Thomas Harrison Esq. and William Harrison, clerk, at Whitehaven, for the redemption of Land Tax on the estates of Pennyhill, Piet Nest and Spothow in Birker (consisting of farm housing and about 60 acres of land) for £51/6/8 (which was paid 24 May 1799).