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These documents come from a bundle of National Trust deeds at Carlisle Record Office (D/NT/10). You will see that the name Taw House is quite a recent corruption of the original.

Sale indenture, 3 Jan 3 George II (1729/30): John Viccars (snr) of Birdhow in Eskdale, yeoman, to John Viccars (jnr) of Taythes, yeoman, for £80 (with the consent of the landlord, the Duke of Somerset): messuage, tenement etc. called Taythes in Eskdale manor (customary rent 7s 3.5d), now occupied by J.V. snr. (with all buildings, orchards, gardens, arable land, meadows, pastures, feedings, common of pasture, turbaries, moors, mosses, waters, watercourses, ways, wastes, hedges, fences, sheep heafs, intakes, mountains, easments, profits, privileges, advantages, hereditaments & appurtenances). Witnesses: Thomas Tyson [signs with mark], John Nicholson, John Nicholson snr. John V. snr signs "John Vickears"

Sale indenture, 4 Nov 11 George II (1737): Thomas Vickers of Knotend in Birkby (Muncaster parish), yeoman, to John Vickers of Taythes, yeoman, for £115 (with consent of the Duke of Somerset): messuage, tenement etc. called Taythes, occupied by T.V. or his assigns; customary rent 13s 11.5d. Witnesses James Russel [mark], John Viccars, Robert Fletcher [mark], John Nicholson. T.V. signs with mark.

Sale indenture, 8 May 22 George (II), 1749: John Hartley of Holinghow in Eskdale, yeoman, to Thomas Towers of Tayes in Eskdale, yeoman, for £190 (with consent of Duke of Somerset): messuage, tenement etc. called Birdhow in Eskdale, including sheep, customary rent 7s 7.5d. Witnesses: Michael Pearson [mark], John Vickers, Edward Tyson, John Viccars. J.H. signs with mark.

Enfranchisement indenture, 1 Dec 33 George II (1759): Charles, Earl of Egremont to Thomas Towers of Coniston, for £60 (+ £22/12/8 for purchase of the trees & woodland on the estate): messuage in Eskdale with barn, stable etc. called Birdhow, with c45 acres of inclosed land. Customary rent 7s 7.5d.

Enfranchisement indenture, 1 Dec 33 George II (1759): Charles, Earl of Egremont to John Vickers of Tose in Eskdale, for £240 (+ £31/5/3 for trees & woodland on the estate): messuage in Eskdale with barns, stable etc. called Tose, with c110 acres inclosed land. Customary rent £1/1/3.

Sale indenture, 9 Oct 20 George III (1780): Thomas Towers of Park-Gate in Church Coniston, cordwainer, to John Vickers Towers of Birdhow in Eskdale, yeoman, for £500: Birdhow (described as in enfranchisement). Witnesses, John Viccars, John Borwick.

Will of John Vickers of Tatoes in Eskdale, 5 Apr 1780: Messuages, tenements etc. at Tatoes to grandson John Vickars Towers. One cow, one hive of bees and one fat wether sheep to wife Elisabeth Vickars (to be selected by her). Household goods to be divided betwen her and executor during her widowhood, thereafter all to executor. £100 each to married daughters Sarah Porter, Elisabeth Rogers and Dinah Spedding (in addition to the marriage portions they have already received). £200 to unmarried daughter Margaret Vickars. John Vickars Towers appointed as executor. Witnesses: Elias Atkinson, Elizabeth Bamford, Rt. Walker. Proved 16 Apr 1781.

Valuation of the goods & chattels of Thomas Towers of Park Gate, Coniston, husbandman, 27 Nov 1815 [not abstracted].

Will of John Vickers Towers, of Taithes, yeoman, 7 May 1817: £400 each to daughters Sarah Fletcher (wife of Christopher F.) & Mary Towers; freehold farms Taithes, aka Towhouse, and Birdhaw, plus any other estates and appurtenances, to son Thomas Towers. Codicil (same date): extra £50 plus "my oak chest of drawers chest upon chest" to Sarah Fletcher; extra £50 plus one feather bed & bedding to Mary Towers. Proved 30 Oct 1817.