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Help! Here's the Whitehaven News's contemporary account (24 Apr 1941) of perhaps the most dramatic single incident that ever happened in Eskdale:

The windows of practically every house in a north-western village, including the village store, were smashed recently by the blast from a land-mine dropped by a Nazi bomber. The following day the village storekeeper exhibited this notice: "Business as usual despite the blasted windows"

If weren't around when it actually happened, you'd never know it had been in Eskdale Green- unless you read John Porter's reminiscences "Ninety-four Years in Eskdale". In short, the history of Eskdale, or anywhere else, during wartime, cannot begin to be researched from newspapers. If you have memories of the Second World War (or indeed the First World War) I would urge you to write them down. If quite a few people in your community have shared memories, get together and produce a little booklet- it needn't be anything fancy, all you have to do is describe the reality you remember.

You won't see much about the Second World War on this website for quite a while- because I wasn't around then, and I'm going to have to get information the hard way.

Meanwhile, here's something a bit earlier:

The 1535 Muster Roll