That Opening Ceremony!


Since 2012, I had noticed more and more videos of the firework finale to the London 2012 Olympic opening ceremony turning up online, and I started keeping a list. When the total of my finds passed 250, I decided to try putting the list to some sort of use. This page is a basic listing of links to the videos (minus a few which have already been deleted or made private) but in addition I have created a rough map guide, which you can see here. I have tried to avoid duplicates, of which there are, for example, rather a lot on the DailyMotion website, but if you spot any, please let me know, likewise if your favourite appears to be missing.

PS: Where possible, links to longer videos drop you in just before the fireworks start (or just before the petals rise for in-stadium videos)- but that doesn't mean the rest of the video isn't worth watching!

0547paulOlympic Opening Firework Display test 201200:57
Alun DaviesMidnight fireworks01:00
harry woodwardfireworks rehearsal for olympics 01:04
Nick FranglenLondon 2012 Olympics Fireworks Rehearsal00:46
raj20222012 Olympics fireworks taster 00:44
ReCorrerUruguayLondres 2012. Prueba de fuegos artificiales a las 0.36 (20.36 Uruguay del 23/jul/12) desde la villa00:37
shetty13121London Olympic Fireworks01:05
Tom BartonSneak preview Olympic opening ceremony fireworks00:40
damuelson [now of Titanium Fireworks]2012 olympics behind the scenes pyro13:54
FireworksCoUk [aka Kimbolton Fireworks]Olympic Games, London 2012, Opening Ceremony Fireworks03:01
Nick Palmer [then of Kimbolton Fireworks]London 2012 Olympics opening fireworks03:11
Olympic ChannelOlympic Cauldron is lit for London 201209:30
[off NBC] Shayne Hudson2012 London olympic opening ceremonies fireworks04:07
AP Archive [press agency]Massive fireworks display concludes London 2012 opening ceremony02:16
AP Archive [press agency]Archive Only Rooftop views of the Olympic Park on the opening day07:50
Zoomin.TV DeutschlandOlympia Spektakel für London - Spiele eröffnet01:42
AFP [press agency]Fireworks close London 2012 opening spectacular01:04
AFPES [AFP Espana]Fiesta de fuegos en Londres [different video edit from English version]01:34
Reuters [press agency]London Olympics kicks off with fireworks01:56
The Telegraph [London]Fireworks mark London 2012 Olympic opening ceremony02:03
Spiegel OnlineOlympia London 2012 Eröffnungsfeier begeistert -Video00:57
BlickBombastisches Feuerwerk eröffnet die Olympischen Spiele [at 00:37]02:42
CNNNavigating the 'Isles of Wonder'01:45
NTDTVOlympic Opening Ceremony Wows Audience01:32
Kyodo News[in Japanese] London Olympics opens; fire ceremony fireworks and cheering officials involved01:03
GazettesSportsLondon Sights & Olympic Opening Ceremonies06:18
Van Vuuren BrosBONDI HIPSTERS - The Olympic Opening Ceremony [nsfk]04:03
NOWSports28 London 2012 - OC Fireworks outside the IBC 01:08
mediapoolDLR Olympics film - Opening Night02:44
David Mepham Wi [SuperPopVIP channel]Fireworks light up the Olympic Stadium to bring the openi...01:36
Ming Yeung [SuperPopVIP channel]London 2012 Opening Ceremony on July 27, 2012 in London...02:28
Ming YeungLondon 2012 Opening Ceremony on July 27, 2012 in London … [fireworks smoke dispersing]00:54
StarfishTelevisionUKOlympic Opening Ceremony Fireworks Spectacular01:28
VitaminFilmsLondon 2012 Opening Ceremony Fireworks01:55
Nick (Nicky MacAvoy) [via Newsflare]Olympic opening ceremony fireworks00:39
Srazzi (Steffi) [via Newsflare]Olympic Fireworks00:13
RaiaquatroLighting the Olympic Cauldron - Soundtrack: Eclipse (Pink Floyd) and The End (Sir Paul McCartney)05:03
James Stuart BishopOlympics Opening Ceremony Fireworks London 2012 | Dawn | Short Film04:52
adnan eddsterr hussainme adnan eddsterr hussain, drumming at the Olympics Opening 14:38
cornellathleticsCoach Nathan Taylor in London Lighting the Cauldron02:26
Damien DonnellyDamien Donnelly London 2012 Olympics Opening Ceremony19:59
D74ismOlympic Opening Ceremony Ending - better quality AV version05:17
Lili-Elsa Voley PlayaEncendido de la llama Olímpica Londres 201202:14
Na DaLondon 2012 Opening ceremony12:18
oasp15Inauguración de los Juegos Olímpicos Londres 201211:04
sparkylee2008Olympic opening ceremony pink floyd01:21
Alubenboy / Ben BThe lighting of the Olympic Flame08:12
andrew cooperFinal Fireworks at Opening Ceremonies, London 201201:52
antbishopOpening Ceremony 2012 from the cheap seats08:37
arijitlondonLondon Olympic opening ceremony08:21
connorjmitchellLondon 2012 opening ceremony - Fireworks - ending of the ceremony - BACKSTAGE VIEW00:43
Craig CostelloOlympic Experience Clips06:56
Econet1892London 2012 Olympic Opening Ceremony04:39
garyellis3London 2012 lighting of the flame03:57
George StreetMy London Olympics 2012 Journey04:15
Hahnertwins / Run2Sky.comEröffnungsfeier der Olympischen Spiele09:24
Hannah Pardon2012 Olympic opening ceremony fireworks and Olympic flame03:11
Herman HouLondon 2012 Opening Ceremony - Caldron lighting09:57
HMUNDERLondon 2012 - Olympics Opening Ceremony 02:30
Indigo RothI filmed this! - Lighting Of The Olympic Flame Cauldron 04:40
James Jackson (HeartStopping)Lighting the Olympic Cauldron05:20
Jess VuhOlympic Games Opening Ceremony London 2012 - From My Spectators Perspective12:13
Jodie WebbLondon 2012 Olympics Opening Ceremony14:15
Jodie Webb London 2012 Olympics Opening Ceremony - Lighting of the Cauldron02:31
John FraserLondon 2012 Opening Ceremony_27th July 2012 MOV0082500:10
John Harrier Jr. ?Deb's Olympic viewpoint (on 2012 Opening Ceremonies)17:12
Jonathan DawberLondon 2012 Opening Ceremony - Fireworks00:46
kaliisnLondon 2012 Olympics Opening ceremony08:27
kingleedsLondon 2012 Olympics Opening Ceremony - Lighting The Flame05:29
Kris Holland2012 Olympics Lighting of the Olympic Cauldron01:23
kuteazn21London 2012 Opening Ceremony (July 27, 2012) PART 1203:59
MikeSW2Best memory of 201208:39
Molly StephensFireworks after the torch was lit. London 201201:30
Nedas DomresLondon 2012 Olympics Opening Ceremony12:39
Olympicflame2028Opening Ceremony London 2012: The Cauldron and Paul McCartney [aka 0027]13:02
politomenOlympics Opening Ceremony. Fireworks 01:02
Richard Jacksonolympicopeninglasttotheflagand cauldron813:02
scosulbul's channelLondon 2012 Olympic Opening Ceremony - YouTube03:52
Short Football2012 Olympic Flame coming together at London2012 Opening Ceremony02:45
Simon MarshBehind the Scenes footage of London 2012 Opening Ceremony Part 2!05:57
Simpoolshaw Opening ceremony fireworks 01:29
sunnydesignersOpening ceremony02:09
TravelChampionUK News Event : London 2012 Olympic Games - My view of the Opening Ceremony13:43
vanessafereira26Encendido pebetero10:01
VelocityRocksOlympics Opening Ceremony - 27 July 201215:22
DavyPittoorsLondon Olympics 2012 Opening Ceremony Fireworks Timelapse00:16
Duncan McLeanLondon 2012 Opening Ceremony Fireworks Timelapse [at 00:08]00:26
Duncan McLeanLondon 2012: Olympic Opening Ceremony Timelapse Montage [at 01:12]01:32
Eleonora Tozzi16th floor- Time lapse London Olympics Opening Ceremony 201203:09
* Aryton Senna * 200K Vid Views [aka Pringle46]London 2012 Opening Fireworks Display03:39
31TimMOlympic opening ceremony fireworks, 28th July 201201:05
31TimMOlympic opening ceremony fireworks finale 28th July 201203:33
Abith RaviLondon Olympics 2012 Fireworks00:19
Adam Martin 2012 opening ceremony fireworks 00:56
aflormolive fireworks opening ceremony london 201202:49
Ajay KalerFirework. London 201202:17
alennox971London 2012 olympic fireworks02:00
alexandra thamOlympic fireworks as seen.from the park00:51
Amarah AdamOlympic fireworks from my balcony01:16
amares4720Olympic Games Opening ceremony firework01:48
Anastasia KuzinaLondon Olympic Fireworks02:29
Andrew BLondon Olympics 2012 Opening - Fireworks Finale02:20
Andrew FranksAmazing Olympic fireworks01:26
Andrew HuskissonOlympic fireworks amazing view02:00
Andy Simonik2012 London Olympics Fireworks02:17
anil joshiBe not afeard - A Short Film by Anil Joshi on the cast of Olympic Opening ceremony 201206:32
apadghamLondon 2012 Olympic Opening Ceremony Fireworks01:55
ArthurLondon Olympics 2012 Firework display00:44
Asraf SiddiqueLondon Olympic 2012 Lighting Display; taken through my little window:)01:19
Before I DreamLondon 2012 Opening Ceremony Fireworks02:39
behind oslo houseOlympic ceremony Fireworks @ Oslo House01:11
Bianca RodriguesOlimpiadas 2012 - fogos abertura02:19
blackmyst3ryLondon 2012 Epic Olympic Opening Ceremony Fireworks01:33
BlakSaturnOlympic Fireworks00:56
BorninLVLondon Olympic Fireworks -Show 2012 in Stratford01:42
Burning FlagOlympic Fireworks02:10
camdact101London 2012 Olympic Opening Ceremony Fireworks01:47
camililo1Private party next to Opening ceremony of Olympic Games01:13
Carl MartinOlympics London 2012 Opening Ceremony Fireworks (Drunk)01:17
Carlos TorresLondon 2012 - Fireworks01:24
Chas902Fireworks over Olympics 2012 01:05
Chris Woodwardolympic fireworks00:54
Crate BreweryBest view of the fireworks - London Olympic Games 201201:54
Cuong PhanLondon 2012 Olympic Opening Ceremony's firework on undergrou00:11
CypherLondon 2012 opening ceremony fireworks01:57
Dan HolmeLondon 2012 Opening Ceremonies Fireworks02:06
Daniel RosasFuegos artificiales durante la Inauguración de Londres 201200:56
Danny BellLondon 2012 olympic ceremony fireworks01:53
David Gilbert London 2012 Fireworks Display from our balcony01:50
Dave O'Neillolympic fireworks vimeo01:54
David MadelinOlympic Fireworks, London 2012 Opening Ceremony02:00
David ZahoranszkyLondon Olympics Opening Ceremony Fireworks01:30
David HubertOlympic fireworks00:27
dejaneoLondon Olympics 2012 Opening Ceremony Fireworks in Hackney Wick01:21
Dennis ValdezLondon 2012 Opening Fireworks08:37
Derek RidgeLondon Olympics 2012 Opening Ceremony 2 (Dereks Mobile - TURN YOUR SOUND DOWN!)01:34
Derek RidgeLondon Olympics 2012 Opening Ceremony 3 (Dereks Mobile)00:08
Dermot O'BrienOlympic fireworks01:46
Dharaminder SinghLondon 2012 Olympic Opening Ceremony Fireworks - My view of the park!02:16
drums5253London 2012 Olympics Opening Ceremony Fireworks01:28
E.G.EOlympic Fire works Open ceremony London 201201:23
ElakaTVolympics openning ceremony fireworks 201200:15
englishstyle87 London 2012 - Opening Cerimony - Fireworks - 27 July 2012 03:51
ezwa29London Olympic 2012 opening ceremony fireworks. Ohnostroj na Londýnské olympiáde 01:55
Fashiul AlamFirework.olympic1.3gp01:16
Frederick OdutolaLondon 2012 Olympics Fireworks from my balcony01:01
Friedel Schroder Olympic fireworks from Abby Ln 00:40
fromSpaintoUkCeremonia de apertura de Londres 2012 - Fuegos artificiales01:56
funily1 London 2012 fireworks 00:13
Gabriel PizzolanteFireworks Opening London 201201:57
Gabriel SanzCeremonia apertura JJOO London 2012 en frente de casa01:40
GarybaldeeLondon Olympics 2012 Opening Ceremony - Fireworks01:13
Ginie CourbinGinie's Olym-epic Adventures - Part 2 The Opening Ceremony06:18
GlenBulbProductionsLondon 2012 Olympic Opening Ceremony firework display03:38
Graeme James MilroyLondon 2012 Opening Ceremony Fireworks over the Olympic Stadium01:08
HLondon Olympics 2012 fireworks01:20
hlumeyaOlympic Fireworks01:07
Ian TeaLondon 2012 Opening Fireworks01:16
infidelcautionLondon 2012 Opening Ceremony Fireworks00:35
IslanderLondon 2012 Opening Ceremony Fireworks (from within the park)02:04
IslandOFiceTVOlympic 2012 Magnificent Fireworks HD 1080p FULL VIDEO02:15
istrugglewithwordsLondon 2012 Opening Ceremony Fireworks (from Beaux Arts roof)01:41
Ivan ClarkLondon 2012 Psychedelic Fireworks00:26
Jason Hewitt London 2012 Olympic Opening Ceremony fireworks. Giddy response [aka Funniest ever ...]01:25
Javier GarridoLondon 2012 Olympics fireworks02:22
JimjamzsoundLondon 2012 Opening Ceremony Fireworks Cisco house01:49
Jo TilleyOlympic opening ceremony fireworks01:26
Joanne DixLondon 2012 Opening Ceremony Fireworks00:34
Joe WilliamsLondon 2012 Olympic Opening Ceremony Fireworks01:53
Joey SasaOvni En la Ceremonia de apertura de Londres 201201:55
Johannes SchaffOLYMPIC FIREWORKS02:04
John DunneOlympic Fireworks01:25
JOHNI3LAZ3MOORELondon2012 fireworks JohnBlaze n Raffers MableyGreen01:55
Jonathan HattonOlympic Opening Ceremony Fireworks01:57
John Dimen Olympics 2012 London Opening Ceremony fireworks00:44
Jurijs PosadnijsLondon 2012 Olympic Fireworks On TV & out of my WINDOW !!!03:44
karl mossLondon 2012 Olympic Games Opening Ceremony 02:54
kayvee369London olympic opening ceremony fireworks03:51
Kenneth JayOlympic Ceremony - from the cheap seats!!00:33
Kevin BileFeux d'artifice a londres00:30
kseglerOpening ceremonies fireworks01:57
Kyanne (london4ever)London Olympic Initiation Ceremony01:22
ladymixnblendOlympics Fireworks so amazing01:46
Leigh984Olympics Opening Ceremony Fireworks - London01:37
Leo StrongLondon 2012 Olympic Games - Fireworks the opening ceremony - July 27 201201:10
Leotubed London 2012 opening ceremony - fireworks01:39
Lethal toyolympic fireworks 201202:26
lilik451Fireworks Olympics London 2012 Fuegos artificiales JJOO Feux01:40
lisasianlisaOlympic fireworks from the roof01:45
Louisa LamLondon 2012 opening ceremony fireworks01:32
Lourival Gallo [aka Gallow]Fogos Olimpíadas Londres 201202:43
M BarbieriOlympic Games Opening Ceremony Fireworks02:33
Maffoto MediaColombia en Londres 2012 Inauguración Juegos Olímpicos02:42
maguan2012 Olympic Opening Ceremony Fireworks 01:59
Manuela ManevaAMAZING London's Olympic opening ceremony 2012 fireworks02:22
Mario GaitoOlympics fireworks from Hackney Wick rooftop03:03
marcobaciccioOlympics Fireworks from Paramount Bar 01:44
Mark Selby Olympic opening ceremony fireworks 01:44
Martin GordonLondon 2012 Opening Ceremony fireworks from rooftop HD01:11
Márton DarvasLondon 2012 opening ceremony fireworks02:16
Masafumi Gucci Yamaguchi2012 London Olympic Opening Ceremony Fireworks04:36
Matt BennettOpening Ceremony - Olympics 2012 - View from me flat02:12
Matthew BulatOlympic fireworks02:36
Matthew StokesLondon 2012 Olympic Opening Ceremony Fireworks - The Best View from the Ferris Wheel02:17
Max LincolnOpening Night Fireworks - London 2012 Olympics01:22
Md Rashel Ahmed olympics 2012 opening ceremony03:18
miguel txarruLondon 2012 FireWorks01:18
Mike ParkinsLondon 2012 Opening Ceremony fireworks from Lund Point rooftop03:09
mikocoffeyFireworks over London Olympic Stadium01:14
ml20324 Fireworks London 2012 Olympic Opening Ceremony 01:19
Modupe oyename-awodesuOlympic Park Fireworks [aka Celebration]01:52
MoiUnMoutonOlympic Park Fireworks - Opening Ceremony London 2012 - 27-003:37
Monica BridgelallLondon 2012 Opening Ceremony This is for everyone11:12
Mr Thorne NetworkLondon 2012 Olympic Opening Ceremony Fireworks - View from Limehouse01:26
Mr6345alanLondon2012 Fireworks from the neighbourhood00:33
MrCbuck123OMG London 2012 Opening Ceremony Fireworks01:32
MrGPeponeLondon2012 Opening Ceremony final fireworks outside Olympic stadium02:31
mrkiller1980olympic 2012 fireworks from my house00:15
mrkiller1981olympic 2012 firework 2nd clip00:16
mrkjaribuEton manor Staff view of olympic fireworks00:55
MrOxleasolympic fireworks railway tavern01:00
mrslazzlazzOlympic Fireworks 2012 - Stratford01:56
MrSlime37Olympic fireworks01:14
MrXXclusive95the 2012 Olympics fireworks out side my house :D01:02
msra6cf2Olympic 2012 fire works01:49
NanuJaldhupOlympic fireworks01:12
Neil Thornton Opening party fireworks02:11
Nikita SharmaLondon Olympics fireworks01:00
Nitesh UppalLondon Olympics 2012 Opening ceremony fireworks01:13
Nitya Nand Gosvami London 2012 Olympics Opening Fireworks 00:48
nx01London 2012 Olympic Stadium Fireworks EXCLUSIVE! FULL HD05:42
olympiansforeverLondon 2012 Olympics Opening Ceremony Fireworks Display From My Window03:02
onenibbleLondon 2012 Olympic Opening Ceremony Fireworks!01:41
ouzoyorghosOlympic ceremony fireworks02:24
Paul CullenOlympics 2012 Fireworks00:36
pejmanpersianOlympic Opening Ceremony London 2012 (Firework)02:06
Peter Fuller's Vision ThingLondon Olympics 2012 | Opening ceremony fireworks01:52
Peter NorthOlympic Fireworks From Clapton00:20
Péter RomváriOlympics Opening Ceremony fireworks from our window London 201201:43
Philip le MareFireworks at the opening of the London 2012 Olympics00:34
PhoneyPhlyer London 2012 Opening Ceremony Fireworks - close up, great sou01:28
Phu PhungFireworks show at London 2012 Olympic Games Opening Ceremony03:54
Piotr KalinowskiLondon 2012 Olympics Fireworks01:14
Priit PuksLondon 2012 Olympics Fireworks01:57
priscillaxxiOlympic Opening Ceremony 2012 - Fireworks live01:24
pure4indigo Olympic Opening Ceremony, London 2012. Fireworks from my apartment window00:31
qian shiLondon 2012 Olympic Opening Ceremony Fireworks-Amazing01:17
Quexpo82 London2012 opening ceremony fireworks 00:19
Rana BrightmanLondon 2012 Olympics Opening Ceremony Fireworks Part 100:39
Rana BrightmanLondon 2012 Olympics Opening Ceremony Fireworks Part 200:53
Rasmus Johansen Opening ceremony firework display02:19
Rich MonkEnd of the 2012 Summer Olympics Opening Ceremonies02:34
Ridas DapkusLondon 2012 Opening ceremony fireworks01:46
Rob Goodwin London 2012 Olympics Opening Ceremony: Fireworks01:24
Rob PilkingtonLondon 2012 Opening Ceremony Fireworks01:37
robbosmithy03Olympic Park Opening Ceremony Fireworks00:22
roobairnOlympic Fireworks London 201203:49
Sam Lynas The London Olympics Fireworks 00:40
Samim KhanOlympics 2012 Fireworks 00:39
Sarah HejazifarOlympic fireworks!!01:49
Sarah NugentLondon Olympics 2012- Opening Ceremony fireworks in Victoria Park01:27
saybmwLondon Olympics 2012 Opening Ceremony Fireworks02:00
ScrippsSportsOlympic Fireworks00:14
sdfsdfs Olympics 2012 Fireworks01:40
Seb TakkerOlympic fireworks00:22
sfx2012London Olympic 2012 Opening Fireworks 00:15
Sharif mohammad marufFireworks02:28
Sharique ShaikhOpening Ceremony Firework from Canary Wharf01:00
Shoaib KhanPervaiz Khan,unseen views Fire works London Olympic 201202:04
shonzxzxFire works at opening ceremony Olympics 201200:42
SidewaysTVOlympic fireworks display01:51
SlumzyTVLondon 2012 Olympics Fireworks - Stephen Johnson01:33
smilesendldnLondon Olympic Opening Ceremony Fireworks00:29
smilesendldnLondon's Olympic Stadium Lights Up On Opening Night00:25
Snjezana TopalusicLondon 2012 Olympic opening ceremony fireworks at Hackney Wick roof party01:38
Spiritual InsanityLondon 2012 Olympics Opening Ceremony Fireworks02:04
spraggerLondon 2012 Olympics Opening Ceremony Fireworks00:06
stickleprojectsOlympic fireworks 2012 (the right way up)00:45
stickleprojectsOlympics opening fireworks 201200:45
Taha njfireworks london olympics 201201:00
Tamar LeviOlympics Opening Ceremony London 2012- Fireworks01:21
tarasbinnsOlympic opening ceremony fireworks00:59
TheFunfairfanLondon Olympics Opening Ceremony 2012 Fireworks from Apartment 00:39
The SteelerOlympics 2012 Opening Ceremony Fireworks01:26
The TembranOlympic games opening ceremony, London, 2012 (11)00:21
Thomas C(HD) Opening ceremony London 2012 - Olympic Games amazing fireworks (feu d'artifice) 00:54
TipsterStuLondon 2012 Olympic fireworks from Leyton01:45
tuligyalOlympic opening ceremony fireworks01:30
urwebmateLondon 2012 Fireworks Display in Victoria Park02:11
VenzKenobiLondon Olympics 2012 Opening Ceremony Fireworks01:35
Vilmantas KazemekasLondon olympics 2012 opening ceremony fireworks02:23
Warren WeirFireWork after London2012 Opening Ceremony01:42
William LittleLondon Olympic Opening Ceremony 201200:38
woopw00pEpic 2012 Olympic fireworks01:16
YouChechareFuegos artificiales afuera del Estadio Olímpico Londres 201201:03
Zaheer Tariq JhanduOlympic Opening 2012 London Fireworks01:48
Zeeshan Afzal Olympics fireworks 00:44