In the cemetery of Springfield, Hampden county, Massachusetts, stands the elaborate tomb of Captain William Day, with his wife Rhoda, and his son Captain James Day. The inscriptions and images on this monument are the starting point for exploration of what may be a very very complicated life:

Capt. Wm. Day sailed in command of a frigate with a picked crew, encountering a fleet of five French ships in the Bay of Biscay. The admiral's ship larger than his own was considerably in advance of the others. He engaged and captured her before the others came up, and neither vessel being much injured he divided his force with the captured ship and the others coming he attacked them with such spirit that they all surrendered and he brought them all safe into Plymouth.

The scene on the other side of this monument is taken from a portrait painted at the time, now in possession of his family. Capt. William Day soon after the war retired from the sea and settled in Sheffield, Mass. where he died. He was an active patriot in the revolution. He lived and enjoyed the esteem and respect of his friends and neighbors. His remains with those of his wife were removed from Sheffield and placed under this monument. This monument is placed here by his grandson Thomas D. Day of St. Louis.
On the opposite side, an inscription on the upper sarcophagus, and a caption to the battle scene, give a little more information:
In memory of Capt. Wllliam Day. Born in Springfield Oct. 26, 1715. Died in Sheffield March 22, 1797. Aged 82 years.

The action represented here was fought during the French War about the year 1760 by Capt. William Day.
These inscriptions contain a great deal of falsehood, and a great deal of concealment (Plymouth Massachusetts, or Plymouth England? "Active patriot" in what way? ...). Investigation of contemporary records reveals many possibilities, some of which can be firmly identified as red herrings that have led to mistakes and misunderstandings by historians and genealogists, but others of which remain, so far, tantalising. What follows is a tabulation of information which will help to begin the process of untangling Captain William Day of Massachusetts, 1715-1797, from the numerous people he never was.

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Colour keyFamilyHousehold / CommunitySea tradeWarBackgroundPossibly our WilliamProbably not
20 Sep 1673
Ancestors of William Bruce McClelland
80.John Day, born September 20, 1673; died November 20, 1752.He was the son of 160. Thomas Day and 161. Sarah Cooper.He married 81. Mary Smith.
81.Mary Smith, born 1677; died February 28, 1741/42.She was the daughter of 162. John Smith and 163. Mary Partridge.
13 Feb 1697
Early Vital Records of Massachusetts
Hampden County
Springfield Marriages
Jon of this towne and Marah Smith of Hadley, int. Feb. 13, 1696/7
1713 -
Henry M. Burt, "The First Century of the History of Springfield" (vol. 2, 1899):
[John Day has no rank designation in 1712-3; Sergeant in March 1715 (1714/5 Old Style), Lieutenant from summer 1718 up to about the end of 1727, then Captain from early in 1728 (1727/8 Old Style) to at least 1735.]
23 Oct 1715
Early Vital Records of Massachusetts
Hampden County
John, s. John and Marah, July 5, 1698.
Hezekiah, s. John and Marah, Oct. 15, 1700
Joseph, s. John and Marah, June 24, 1703
Mary, d. John and Marah, Jan. 20, 1705/6
[? Sarah, d. John and Margt, May 14, 1708]
Benjamin, s. John and Marah, Oct. 27, 1710
Rebeca, d. John and Marah, May 12, 1713
William, s. John and Marah, Oct. 23, 1715
Elizabeth, d. John and Marah, Jan. 19, 1717/18
Thankfull, d. John and Marah, Jan. 29, 1720/21

[The following all seem to be offspring of John jnr.]
Abigail, d. John and Abigail, Sept. 2, 1724.
Abigail, d. John Jr, bp. Nov. [Oct.] 8, 1724 [bp = baptised]
Marah, d. John and Abigail, Aug. 7, 1726
Marah, d. John Jr., bp. Aug. 14, 1726
John 3d, s. John Junr and Abigail, Apr. 23, 1728. Bk. 1, p. 95
John, s. John Jr., bp. May 5, 1728
19 Apr 1720
Heman Ely, "Records of the descendants of Nathaniel Ely, the emigrant ..." (1885), p 9:
At a meeting to decide the division of Springfield lands west of the Great River, 19 April 1720, "... the Proprietors being assembled did chuse Left. John Day to be their Moderator ..."
6 Mar 1724
There were many Days in Gloucester, Massachusetts, in the early 18th century (but very few William Days). Also:
James Day of Boston married Mary ?Ring at Gloucester, 6 March 1724 [?converted to New Style date?]
A Genealogical Register of the Descendants in the Male Line of Robert Day, of Hartford, Conn ... (2nd edition 1848):
[summary]: Robert's son John (of Hartford) had children including William (bapt. 24 Apr 1692) who had children including Samuel (bapt. 1720), Elizabeth (bapt. 1723) and William (bapt. date unknown; no other information).
9 Mar 1726
Charles J. Taylor, "History of Great Barrington, (Berkshire County,) Massachusetts" (1882) p16:
[re settlement of the Housatonic land purchase]: As an initiatory step toward the settlement of the Lower Township, the committee called a meeting of the petitioners or proposed settlers, to be held at the house of John Day, in Springfield, on the 13th of March 1723, but, as a public fast had been appointed to be observed on that day, the time of the meeting was postponed to the 19th. At this meeting fifty-five persons, each having paid the sum of thirty shillings to the committee, were accepted by them and were to have lands granted to them, on condition that each should build a suitable house and till twelve acres of land within three years' time.
On the 9th of March, 1726, at a meeting of the committee, it was determined "that two of the committee, at least, should go to Housatonic to make something of a survey of the same, in order to a division of the two towns ..." "
[not sure if these dates are Old Style or New Style] [disputes with New York prevented settlement for some years, hence the delay of apportionment until 1733]
3 Sep 1727
Records relating to the early history of Boston, v24 (1894):
James & Mary Day of Boston- various children born 1725 to 1734, including:
Mary daughter of James and Mary Day, born 3 Sep 1727
[possible future (1747) wife of William Day]
"By March of 1726, the settling committee was ready to make plans for surveying the tract in order to divide the townships and lay out lots at least in the Lower township.
The Lower Township was partitioned into five divisions, two of which were the minister’s right and the school land and reached as far as the Indian reservation. Shares in the other three divisions were sold to 39 prospective setters.
During the year of 1733-34, the new settling committee visited the town several times, admitted colonists, surveyed the land, outlined the plots, and recorded titles. The committee records describing the lots laid out in the Lower township have been preserved and are stored in the town hall in Sheffield.
Japhet Bush, John Ashley, Capt. John Day, Philip Callender, John Huggins deceased, David Clark, Anthony Austin, Nathaniel Austin, Eleazar Stockwell, Noah Phelps, Lt. Thomas Ingersoll, Obadiah and Solomon Noble, Matthew Noble Sr., William Goodrich, Jonathan Root, Daniel Kellogg, Stephen Vanhall, Samuel Ferry, Capt. John Ashley, Minister’s Lot, School Lot."
Massachusetts on John Mitchell's 1755 map
13 Feb 1735
Boston Weekly News-Letter, 13 Feb 1735, p2:
Entered Inwards (to 12 Feb) ... Woodbury Roach and Day from Virginia ...
17 Feb 1735
Boston Gazette, 17 Feb 1735, p4:
Entered Inwards (to 15 Feb) ... Roach and Day from Virginia ...
[+ in other New England papers]
29 Apr 1735
Eliphalet Day and Sarah Lane were married 29 Apr 1735, at Gloucester, Massachusetts
15 Sep 1737
Eliphalet, son of Eliphalet and Sarah Day, was born 15 Sep 1737 at Gloucester, Massachusetts
5 Dec 1738
New England Weekly Journal [Boston], 5 Dec 1738, p2:
Outward Bound (to 4 Dec) ... Day for Virginia ...
7 Dec 1738
Boston Weekly News-Letter, 7 Dec 1738, p2:
Outward Bound (to 6 Dec) ... Day for Virginia ...
14 Dec 1738
Boston Weekly News-Letter, 14 Dec 1738, p2:
Cleared Out (to 13 Dec) ...Day and Emmet for Maryland ...
12 Mar 1739
Boston Evening-Post, 12 Mar 1739, p2:
Custom-House, Salem, March 10, Entred in, Day from Maryland
16 May 1739
Records relating to the early history of Boston, v15:
p179 ( (Selectmen's Minutes 1739):
May 16, 1739
[Lease of land at S end of Boston to S. Kneeland, bounded W on Orange St., E on James Day's land; N on Kneeland's land; S on Samuel Haley's Hs & land]
4 Aug 1740
Boston Evening-Post, 4 Aug 1740, p2:
Outward bound (to 2 Aug) ... Holland, Sheperdson & Day for Virginia ...
[also in Boston Gazette]
7 Aug 1740
Boston Weekly News-Letter, 7 Aug 1740, p2:
Cleared Out, Holmes Cornet and Day for Virginia ...
11 Aug 1740
Boston Evening-Post, 11 Aug 1740, p2:
Cleared Out (to 9 Aug) ...Day, Vickery & Parminter for Virginia
[also in Boston Gazette, New England Weekly Journal]
5 Dec 1740
Journal of the Honourable House of Representatives, of His Majesty's province of the Massachusetts-Bay in New England [Boston]
5 Dec 1740
On a Motion made and seconded by divers Members, Ordered, That Judge Greaves, Mr Fairfield, Capt. Little, Major Pomroy, Col. Buckminster, Mr Lee, and Dr. Hale, be a Committee to consider the Petitions of Capt. Gosse, Capt. Prescot, Capt. Philips, Capt. Stewart, Capt. Ruggles, Capt. Blogget, Samuel Miller, Allen Wilde, Jemima Debuke, William Lackey, John Simpson, Joshua Fuller, Simon Dillis, and William Day, and report what they judge proper for this Court to do thereon respectively.
26 Dec 1740
Journal of the Honourable House of Representatives, of His Majesty's province of the Massachusetts-Bay in New England [Boston]
26 Dec 1740
Mr Fairfield from the Committee appointed the 5th currant upon the Petitions of Samuel Miller, Allen Wilde, William Day, Simon Dillis, Thomas Cavarly, John Simpson, William Lacky, Joshua Fuller, and Jemima Debuke, reported according to Order. Read and accepted, and thereupon Voted, That the said Petitions be dismiss'd.
The Report upon the Petition of Capt. Timothy Ruggles, was accepted, and thereupon Voted, That there be allowed and paid him out of the publick Treasury the Sum of three hundred and fifty seven Pounds being so much he has paid and engaged to pay, as appears by proper Vouchers for subsisting and marching &c. a Company of Voluntiers; and that the further Sum of fifty Pounds be allowed the Petitioner out of the publick Treasury for his Trouble and Service in the Affair.
Sent up for Concurrence.
[Money for subsistence of Voluntiers voted to Captains Gosse, Prescot, Stewart etc.]
5 Mar 1741
BOSTON Weekly News-Letter, 5 Mar 1741, p2:
Entred In ... Day from Bermudas ...
9 Mar 1741
Boston Evening-Post, 9 Mar 1741, p2:
Entred in (to 7 Mar) Day from Bermuda ...
[also in New England Weekly Journal]
10 Mar 1741
[Lloyd's List, 10 Mar 1740/1:
Dublin ...
26 Feb Dillon, Day sailed for Rotterdam
6 Apr 1741
BOSTON Weekly Post-Boy, 6 Apr 1741, p2:
Custom-House, Salem, Cleared Out (to 4 Apr) Day for Virginia
13 Apr 1741
Boston Evening-Post, 13 Apr 1741, p2:
Custom-House, Boston, Cleared out (to 11 Apr) ... Day for Virginia ...
[also in Boston Gazette]
14 Apr 1741
New England Weekly Journal, 14 Apr 1741, p4:
Cleared out (to 13 Apr) ... Day & Lewis for Virginia ...
16 Apr 1741
BOSTON Weekly News-Letter, 16 Apr 1741, p2:
Cleared out ... Day, Lewis and Cornet for Virginia ...
26 May 1741
Lloyd's List, 26 May 1741:
Dublin ...
Dillon, Day arrived from Rotterdam]
8 Jun 1741
BOSTON Weekly Post-Boy, 8 Jun 1741, p3:
Custom-House, Salem, Entred In (to 6 Jun) Day from Maryland ...
18 Jun 1741
BOSTON Weekly News-Letter, 18 Jun 1741, p2:
Custom-House, Boston, Outward Bound ... Day for Philadelphia ...
22 Jun 1741
Boston Evening-Post, 22 Jun 1741, p2:
Outward bound (to 20 Jun) ... Day, Clark and Spicer for Philadelphia ...
[also in BOSTON Weekly Post-Boy]
25 Jun 1741
BOSTON Weekly News-Letter, 25 Jun 1741, p2:
Cleared out ... Day for Philadelphia ...
23 Jul 1741
American Weekly Mercury [Philadelphia], 23 Jul 1741, p4:
Custom-House, Philadelphia, Entred Inwards ... Scooner Humbird, Eliphalet Day, from Boston ...
[This may be Eliphalet Day, son of Timothy and Jane/Jean, born in 1711 at Gloucester, Essex county, Massachusetts]
13 Aug 1741
American Weekly Mercury [Philadelphia], 13 Aug 1741, p2:
Custom-House, Philadelphia, Entrierd, Out, Scooner Humbird, Eliphalet Day, for Newfoundland
27 Aug 1741
American Weekly Mercury [Philadelphia], 27 Aug 1741, p3:
Custom-House, Philadelphia, Cleared Out, ... Scooner Humming Bird, Eliph. Day, to Newfoundland
7 Sep 1741
BOSTON Weekly Post-Boy, 7 Sep 1741, p3:
Custom-House, Boston, Entred In, ... Blunt & Day from Philadelphia ...
8 Sep 1741
New England Weekly Journal, 8 Sep 1741, p2:
Entred In (to 8 Sep) ... Day from Philadelphia ...
16 Oct 1741
[Lloyd's List, 16 Oct 1741:
Gravesend ...
15 Dove, Day arrived from Norway]
30 Nov 1741
BOSTON Weekly POST-BOY, 30 Nov 1741, p4:
Cleared Out (to 28 Nov) ... Day & White for Virginia ...
[NO LLOYD'S LIST 1742-3]
28 Feb 1742William's mother Mary died 28 Feb 1742 [possibly 1741/2 rather than 1742/3], and is buried in the Old Meadow cemetery at West Springfield. Major John remarried, to Hannah (possibly Hannah Marsh, or widow Hannah Kent).
1 Mar 1742
Boston Evening-Post, 1 Mar 1742, p2:
Entred in (to 27 Feb) ... Day from Jamaica ...
[also in Boston Gazette]
2 Mar 1742
Boston Gazette, 2 Mar 1742, p2:
Entred In (to 27 Feb) ... Day from Jamaica
10 Sep 1742
Records relating to the early history of Boston, v15:
p360 (Selectmen's Minutes 1742):
Sept. 10, 1742
Inn holders, Approved and Recommended
James Day Orange Street
1 Nov 1742
Boston Evening-Post, 1 Nov 1742, p4:
Cleared out, 30 Oct, ... Day for Jamaica
21 Feb 1743
BOSTON Weekly POST-BOY, 21 Feb 1743, p3:
Entred in, ... Roberts Day and Curtis from Virginia
28 Feb 1743
BOSTON Weekly POST-BOY, 28 Feb 1743, p3:
Custom-House, Rhode-Island, Outward Bound (to 25 Feb), Day for Barbadoes
27 Feb 1743
Massachusetts Vital Records: Attleborough
Births ... William son of William and Jerusha Day, Feb 27. 1742/3
[NB: Some transcripts give the year as 1741/2]
[This William has been suggested as a candidate for the William Day who married at Springfield in 1759- but the general consensus seems to be that he married somebody completely different.]
15 Nov 1743
Boston Gazette, OR, Weekly JOURNAL, 15 Nov 1743, p3:
Custom-House, Boston, Outw. bound (to 12 Nov), ... Day & Binney for Virginia ...
21 Nov 1743
Boston Evening-Post, 21 Nov 1743, p2:
Cleared out (to 19 Nov), ... Day for Maryland ...
[also in Boston Weekly News-Letter]
13 Jan 1744
[Lloyd's List, 13 Jan 1743/4:
Dartmouth ...
8 Margaret, Day sailed for Rotterdam]
20 Jan 1744
Lloyd's List, 20 Jan 1743/4:
Ostend ...
Margaret, Day arrived from Youghall]
27 Feb 1744
"The acts and resolves, public and private, of the province of the Massachusetts Bay" (vol. 13) p 334:
Legislative records of the Council, 1743-4, chapter 249: Order granting additional land to the town of Sheffield. Includes a stipulation that "Land in said Sheffield on which the Conditions of settlement have not been fulfilled, belonging to Matthew Noble, Major John Day, Jonathan Ashley, and Nathaniel Leonard's heirs, shall pay the one hundredth part of the Taxes arising on said Town ... (Passed February 27"
23 Apr 1744
Boston Evening-Post, 23 Apr 1744, p4:
Entred in (to 21 Apr) ... Day, Swan and Giddings from Maryland ...
[also in Boston Weekly Post-Boy, Boston Weekly News-Letter]
24 Apr 1744
Another William, son of John and Sarah Day, was born at Roxbury, Massachusetts, 24 Apr 1744
4 May 1744
[Lloyd's List, 4 May 1744:
Cowes ...
30 Apr Neptune, Day sailed for Dublin]
22 May 1744
Lloyd's List, 22 May 1744:
Dublin ...
Neptune, Day arrived from Rotterdam]
26 Jun 1744
Lloyd's List, 26 Jun 1744:
Cowes ...
Experiment, Day arrived from S. Carolina
6 Jul 1744
Lloyd's List, 6 Jul 1744:
Dover ...
3 Experiment, Day arrived from Portsmouth
24 Dec 1744
Boston Evening-Post, 24 Dec 1744, p2:
Cleared out (to 22 Dec) ... Bramham and Day for Virginia ...
24 Mar 1746
Records relating to the early history of Boston, v14:
p87 (Town records 1745-6):
Town meeting, 24 Mar 1745/6: Clerks of the Market selected & sworn in, including James Day.
in 1746
History of Saint John's Lodge of Boston, in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts ... (1917), p208:
[The Grand Lodge and First Lodge of freemasons in Boston were established in 1733; lodges were united as St. John's Lodge in 1783]
a William Day was a member of the Lodge from 1746 to his death in 1795
a James Day was also a member from 1746 [no end date given]
Neither is listed among the Initiates of the Lodge. [Very tantalising- the date of death is wrong, but an apparent association with James Day will shortly become significant for our William]
10 Mar 1747
Records relating to the early history of Boston, v14:
p109 (town records 1746):
Town meeting, 10 Mar 1746/7: Mr. James Day among firewards chosen for the ensuing year
26 Mar 1747
BOSTON Weekly News-Letter, 26 Mar 1747, p1:
Entred in, .... Day, & Gamage from Virginia ...
7 Sep 1747
Entred In (to 5 Sep) ... Day from St Martins ...
[also in Boston Evening-Post, Boston Gazette] [this would not be St. Martins in the Bay of Fundy, which was established later; possibly the Caribbean island of St. Martin]
10 Sep 1747
BOSTON Weekly News-Letter, 10 Sep 1747, p3:
Entred In (to 9 Sep) ... Day from St. Martins ...
12 Oct 1747
Boston Evening Post, 12 Oct 1747, p2:
Entred in (to 10 Oct) ... Day and Comrin from Newfoundland.
[also in Boston Weekly Post-Boy]
15 Oct 1747
BOSTON Weekly News-Letter, 15 Oct 1747, p2:
Entred in (to 14 Oct) ... Day from Newfoundland.
1 Nov 1747
Our Family Genealogy Pages
Day, William
Male 1715 - 1797
William's 1st wife was Polly Day according to Thomas B. Warren, "Springfield Families" (typescript, 1935; Conn. Valley Historical Museum, Springfield, Mass.), 237 (FHL #014787). They are presumably the William Day and Mary Day married at Boston, Polly being a nickname for Mary
1 Nov 1747
Records relating to the early history of Boston, vol 24
(1894) p181:
Mary daughter of James and Mary Day, born 3 Sep 1727
1 Nov 1747
Records relating to the early history of Boston, vol 28:
A report of the Record Commissioners of the city of Boston, containing the Boston marriages from 1700 to 1751
(1898) p287:
William Day and Mary Day: Oct 21, 1747
William Dey & Mary Dey: Date of Marriage Nov. 1, 1747
5 Nov 1747
BOSTON Weekly News-Letter, 5 Nov 1747, p2:
Cleared out (to 4 Nov) ... Smith, Piggot, James, Doane, Lewis, Nickols & Day for Philadelphia ...
9 Nov 1747
Boston Evening Post, 9 Nov 1747, p2:
Cleared out (to 7 Nov), Lewis, Nickels, Day, Langstaff and Randell for Philadelphia ...
9 Nov 1747
Cleared out (to 9 Nov), Lewis, Nickels, Day, & Langstaff for Philadelphia ...
24 Nov 1747
Boston Gazette, OR Weekly JOURNAL, 24 Nov 1747, p3:
Cleared out (to 21 Nov), ... Day for Virginia ...
3 Dec 1747
Pennsylvania Gazette, 3 Dec 1747, p3:
Custom-House, Philadelphia, Enter'd in.
Brigt. Mary, William Day, from Boston.
12 Dec 1747
Pennsylvania Gazette, 12 Dec 1747, p2
Custom-House, Philadelphia,

Brigt. Chesterfield, Thomas Coatam, to Londonderry.
------ Mary Anne, William Day, to Newry.
------ Greyhound, Lister Falconer, to Belfast.
------ Princesss Louisa, Hugh Harper, to Newry.
4 Jan 1748
Boston Evening Post, 4 Jan 1748, p4:
Cleared out (to 2 Jan), Day and Parsons for Maryland ...
[Sadly, the Maryland Gazette of the time was not over-zealous in its reporting of ship movements]
5 Feb 1748
Lloyd's List, 5 Feb 1747/8:
The Fortune, Williamson, from St. Martins for Arundal in Norway, is sent into Weymouth by the Swan Privateer, Capt. Day.
15 Mar 1748
Records relating to the early history of Boston, v14:
p133 (Town records 1747):
Town meeting, 15 Mar 1747/8: Mr. James Day among firewards chosen for the ensuing year
25 Apr 1748
Boston Evening Post, 25 Apr 1748, p4:
Entred in (to 23 Apr) ... Day and Elwell from Maryland ...
9 May 1748
Boston Evening Post, 9 May 1748, p4:
Entred in (to 7 May), ... Day and Parsons from Maryland ...
[also in Boston Weekly Post-Boy]
9 May 1748[NB: At this time there was also a Capt. Day commanding the Swan, a privateer vessel operating in the English Channel area from the port of Hastings.]
10 Jun 1748
[Lloyd's List, 10 Jun 1748:
Gravesend ...
9 Winchelsea, Day arrived from Holland]
12 Jul 1748
Lloyd's List, 12 Jul 1748:
Dublin ...
5 Mary-Anne, Collins sailed for Lisbon
[No other Mary-Anne commanded by Collins in Lloyd's List 1748-50; was he supervising a novice trans-Atlantic round trip under command of William Day, and assuming nominal command for insurance purposes in the crossing of the notoriously dangerous Bay of Biscay?]
19 Jul 1748
Lloyd's List, 19 Jul 1748:
Lisbon ...
6 Jul NS [New Style] Mary Anne, Day sailed for N[ew]. England
26 Jul 1748
THE Boston Gazette, OR Weekly JOURNAL, 26 Jul 1748, p2:
This Morning arriv'd here Capt. Day, in a short Passage from Lisbon, who informs us, they had Advice at that Place, that Spain had come into the Cessation of Arms; and tho' the Packet was not arriv'd when he came away, yet the Merchants there told him he might depend upon it for Truth, and report it as such in New England.
8 Aug 1748
The New-York Gazette Revived in the Weekly Post-Boy, 8 Aug 1748, p2:
BOSTON, July 28.
Last Tuesday [26 or 19 July] arrived Capt. Day from Lisbon, by whom we are inform'd, That he sail'd from thence on Sunday the 17th of June N.S. [nominally, 17 June was Monday- confusion may have arisen from the maritime policy of measuring days from midday to midday] and that the Day before, in the Morning, a Post from Madrid, brought certain Advice, that the Court of Spain had acceded to the Cessation of Arms in the same Manner that was agreed upon between Great-Britain, France and the States-General; and that Hostilities on the part of Spain were accordingly to cease at the same Period. This News was told Capt. Day by a Merchant of very good Credit at Lisbon just before he sail'd, who shew'd him a Portugueze News-paper, in which it was inserted; and as Capt. Day had all his Letters and Papers for this Place on board a Week before he sail'd, some of which Letters intimate, that the Spaniards stood out and would not sign, nor was there any likelihood of it, so now the Gentleman told him the contrary, and said, that he might inform any Person in New-England, That the above News of Spain's agreeing to the Cessation might be depended upon.
1 Dec 1748
BOSTON Weekly News-Letter, 1 Dec 1748, p2:
Entred out, ... Day for Virginia ...
5 Dec 1748
Cleared out (to 3 Dec) ... Haskell and Day for Virginia ...
8 Dec 1748
BOSTON Weekly News-Letter, 8 Dec 1748, p2:
Cleared out, ... Day, and Stanwood for Virginia ...
Privateering in King George's war, 1739-1748 / by Howard M. Chapin (1928)
No Days mentioned
Privateering and piracy in the colonial period: illustrative documents ... Jameson, J. Franklin (1923)
No Days mentioned
in 1748?
George Edward Day, “A genealogical register of the descendants in the male line of Robert Day, of Hartford, Conn., who died in the year 1648” (2nd edition, 1848, reprinted 1913)
[Children of William Day:] 191. *William Junius, b. 1748
[is “Junius” a mistake for “junior”?!]
[NB: database entries giving a date of 7 Mar 1749 for young William are misreadings of 7 Mar 1787]
[The confidence of that birth-year 1748 raises a problem, for it requires us to find an as-yet-unknown William Day born in 1750-51, to be the William Day who died in Boston on 28 March 1782, age 31]
in 1749?
George Edward Day, “A genealogical register of the descendants in the male line of Robert Day, of Hartford, Conn., who died in the year 1648” (2nd edition, 1848, reprinted 1913)
[Children of William Day:] 192. *Polly, b. about 1749; and d. in Liverpool, aged 8.
[If Polly was really the first child, born in 1748, then she may also be the Polly who died about 1755, for her mother was still alive in 1758]
1749ONLY FRIENDSHIP CAPT. DAY IN LLOYD'S LIST 1749 [8 issues missing]
14 Mar 1749
Records relating to the early history of Boston, v14:
p158 (Town records 1748):
Town meeting, 14 Mar 1748/9: Capt. James Day is among firewards chosen for the ensuing year
3 Apr 1749
Boston Evening Post, 3 Apr 1749, p2:
Entred in (to 1 Apr) ... Day, Fleet, and Doane from Maryland ...
17 Apr 1749
Boston Evening Post, 17 Apr 1749, p2:
Entred in (to 15 Apr) ... Day from Virginia ...
[also in Boston Gazette, OR Weekly JOURNAL]
31 Jul 1749
BOSTON WEEKLY POST-BOY, 31 Jul 1749, p2:
Cleared out (to 29 Jul) ... Day for Maryland ...
[also in Boston Gazette, OR Weekly JOURNAL]
30 Aug 1749
Maryland Gazette, 30 Aug 1749, p3:
Custom House, ANNAPOLIS, Entered,
Sloop Endeavour, Eliphalet Day, from Boston
20 Nov 1749
BOSTON WEEKLY POST-BOY, 20 Nov 1749, p2:
Cleared out (to 18 Nov) ... Day and Parker for Maryland ...
[also in Boston Gazette, OR Weekly JOURNAL]
4 Dec 1749
Boston Evening Post, 4 Dec 1749, p2:
Entred out (to 2 Dec) ... Day for Ireland ...
6 Dec 1749
Maryland Gazette, 6 Dec 1749, p3:
Custom House, ANNAPOLIS, Cleared for Departure,
Sloop Endeavour, Eliphalet Day, for Boston
in 1749Subscribers to the book "An Account of the Life of the Late Reverend Mr. David Brainerd" published in Boston in 1749 included Capt. Eliphalet Day, Benjamin Day and Samuel Day.

Coming in Part 2- the 1750s and the real second World War