Although the photo at right was taken with the projector in the same position as on the previous page, I have turned it round for easier comparison with the picture below left. The best match of the Atlantic coast I have managed with the projector in that position is a match of France, the Netherlands and Denmark. For the photos below, however, I have turned the slide round in the projector so that north is at the right (the projector is still left of centre, but I have also changed the tilt).The mismatch of the European coast when projected from left of centre with north at the top (this image rotated for comparison purposes)
The match of the Atlantic coast and islands, projected from left of centre with north at the right
Now, by moving the projector a bit closer to the screen, the whole European coast can be matched quite closely- and the offshore islands too. As on the last page, moving the map round on the screen you find that other sections can also be matched- in this case the islands further out in the Atlantic and, most remarkably, the eastern part of Africa (seen at right).