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The beach bungalows of Lowside Quarter

The Eskdale Project!

Workington Albums picture index

Extra notes about Miss Mary Barker

Extra extra notes about Maud Gonne's family tree

Captain William Day (1715-97): a loyal American mariner

A Massachusetts counterfeiting constitutional crisis, 1772-3

John Paul Jones in Whitehaven, 1778

Whitehaven's belated defence fundraising, 1778

John Paul Jones visits Northern Ireland, 1778

The HMS Drake court martial, 1779

bonus! John Paul Jones & Bonhomme Richard, 1779

Fireworks and tall ships, Whitehaven 2002

The Whitehaven Art Exhibition, 1826

The Corporal Pit disaster, Whitehaven, 1737

A circus tragedy in Whitehaven, 1836

Whitehaven's Theatre Royal, the early years

Whitehaven's Albion Street chapel

Cockermouth's Old and High Meeting Houses

An index to the poems of Charles Graham of Penrith, 1778

J Whittaker, artist of Wigton

Cumbrian tourism

Promoting Keswick as a holiday resort

The regattas near Keswick, early reports (1779-86)

Lucinda's trip to the Lake District, c1778 [to be continued]

The old Easedale Tarn refreshment hut

The old Baths on Silloth green

Cumbria in old news

Cumbrian items in the Newcastle Courant, 18th century

The first newspapers printed in Cumbria

... and now, here is the weather

Volcano Seasons- weather reports 1783-6


Lost Mansfield

Nottingham's Millennium parties

Some thoughts on Robin Hood


The tantalising Miss Maria Rose Tunno, 1783-1853

Photos from the 1970s British college rock scene

University Radio Bailrigg (Lancaster) 1975-7

My first (1990s) website resurrected: lots of photos

An experiment in chronology- Dark Age chronicles in parallel

A very cynical 18th century "Devil's Dictionary"

Missed History: Famines in India, 1500 to 1767

Missed History: The destruction of Mahua Dabar, 1857

Missed History: Thumb-cutting and the East India Company

Missed History: The Vinland Map

The Vinland Map: YouTube series

About Paul Whitewick's bad Vinland Map video

The Kensington Runestone, Minnesota

The Newport Tower, Rhode Island

Ogham inscriptions in America?

The Dragon's Tail on early maps

America mis-mapped on a Coronation Orb

Hudson's Bay or the Laptev Sea?

An imaginary Alaska (rescued from a lost website)

A cautionary tale about online scholarship

Lots of stuff about the London 2012 Olympic Opening Ceremony

BBC Radio Pick of the Pops from April 1967 (YouTube)

BBC TV Ask The Family from January 1973 (YouTube)

About my family on Ask The Family in 1973